New job

After two sessions of my once-weekly Deviance & Social Control class, I’ve decided to give up my law school plans in favor of becoming a sociology professor. I will do so for only one reason: to prove to myself that I’d be a better teacher than my current professor is.

This is THE MOST PAINFUL class I’ve ever taken. I absolutely dread going. The material is interesting enough, but the teacher…you remember the Pride & Prejudice quote, “[T]he commonest, dullest, most threadbare topic might be rendered interesting by the skill of the speaker.”? Opposite effect here. The class period is 2.5 hours, so we should cover a lot of material. On the syllabus we were scheduled to go over the first 3 chapters of our textbook. After 2 hours, we’d just finished the first chapter.

It’s not that we necessarily spend a lot of time going over one topic. The professor just can’t focus. He loves to tell stories, to give advice, and to recommend books and subjects. For example, one ten-minute tangent was about the importance of a good letter of recommendation for graduate programs. No, this isn’t a senior-level course, and no, this isn’t a class about getting into (or preparing for) graduate school. I try really hard to pay attention for the entire lecture, but when the teacher is actually covering material, he reads right off of the PowerPoint, and despite my best efforts I’m not getting much out of everything else he says.


Anyway, as proof of my sincerity about this new job (or not), tomorrow I’ll give you tonight’s lecture in an efficient manner. It may not be interesting. But it will be to-the-point. Valuable?