Please help

We’re not going to redecorate the Bwun’s room at all when we have jr (and waste all that effort I made the Romgi put into it?!), but I do have a separate theme I’d like to use for her things – like bedding, crib, and art. It will just be in a space-themed room. I’ve been keeping an eye out for colorful, modern bug-themed items…but it’s a lot trickier than I thought.

Here’s an idea of something I really like:

This Crawling Critters mobile from KLTworks is fun (and, obviously, way too expensive). I had thoughts of cultivating my sewing skills, but I still haven’t finished the Bwun’s baby blanket. So. Let’s not start any big new projects yet.

Some other examples:

The problem with this print from Donnie Wright is that it’s a little too…boy-ish. I don’t want something overwhelmingly cutesy, like this, but it would be nice to find something a little more cheerful. And a little bit girly. Just a little bit.

I do kind of like this:

But what I REALLY want is to find a fun print we can frame and put on the wall. I want this style, but with bugs:

Unfortunately, I don’t know where to search – or even how to search – for such a thing. Internet friends (who I probably know in real life anyway), can you help me? Do you have any suggestions or, better yet, a link for me?


3 Comments on “Please help”

  1. Geoff says:

    Hey, Mika–I’d be happy to create a bug-themed print for my niece. Beyond the geometric style of the frogs, do you have any specific parameters (size, color scheme, specific bugs)?

    Art project!


  2. Jennifer says:

    I am psychic. I already started making a bug-themed embroidery piece for you. I think you will like it.

    Also, do you like butterflies? I have a super-quick, cheap, fun technique for making butterflies for hanging from a ceiling or turning into a mobile. Let me know when you return to Utah, because I have all the supplies on hand (randomly).

  3. mikaroni says:

    Geoff – nicely done!

    Jennifer – I’m sure I will like it. I sometimes think you’re just too good to be true. And I bet when I see the embroidery piece, it will be one of those times.

    Yes, butterflies. Not floofy ones. (Apparently “floofy” is not a real word?) I really like the Pottery Barn-style butterfly mobiles/chandeliers I’ve seen over the past year, and I keep thinking I should make one. They seem pretty easy. And we definitely need to have a project day when I get back.

    P.S. Can we make some bread, too?

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