Weekly cookie jar

Row 1: print / board / duvet
Row 2: art / print / book
Row 3: planter / nutcracker / nursery
Row 4: case / card / shoes
Row 5: book / cake / print
Row 6: bag / chandelier / book
Row 7: plate / bag / cards

Raleigh? Really?

We’ve had some great plans since we’ve been here in North Carolina. Last weekend, we found out one of the Romgi’s law school classmates was in Raleigh for a few days, so we though we’d try to meet up for lunch. Sadly, on Friday night we learned that it wouldn’t work out, but we decided to head to Raleigh the next day anyway.

Then the Bwun woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and I stayed up with him for about an hour. I was exhausted – it takes me forever to fall asleep these days, and I have to get up frequently (and I have four more months of this?!) – so I was really grouchy and may have sobbed while the Bwun ran around his room. Once I made the judgment call that he could go back to sleep (translation: I’m so tired I don’t care if he screams and cries for the next five hours, as long as he’s in his crib and I’m in bed), I zonked out. The Romgi is a wise man, and in his wisdom he knew better than to wake me up later that morning so we could actually get ready and go to Raleigh. So we stayed home. I think we went out for Korean food for dinner, so it was a good day anyway!

Now we have about two weeks left in North Carolina before we head out on our long journey home. There were two things we wanted to see: Raleigh and the beach. The weather all week has been bad – well, rainy and thunderstormy, which means DEATHLY HUMID – so the beach didn’t seem like the best idea. I knew I’d need plenty of sleep in order to be in a good mood for our day trip, so I made sure the Bwun got to bed early, and I went to sleep not long after he did. It was a great plan.

But I seem to be full of great plans that don’t really work out. My ear has been hurting for a few days (it’s not as bad now, so maybe it was just an ear ache after all), and it woke me up after a couple hours of sleep. The ear pain plus the discomfort of pregnancy meant I couldn’t fall asleep for about…five hours after that.

The Bwun slept great all through the night, and was perky and happy when he woke up this morning. Ok, that’s not quite true; he had a meltdown when I tried to give him some cereal. It turned out he wanted to feed me cereal. Of course. I don’t know how long I managed to stay awake – probably not more than 45 minutes – before the Romgi, in his wisdom, took the Bwun into the other room and let me sleep the rest of the morning.

Sorry, Raleigh.

Now the plan is to still go to the beach next weekend (we really, really want to go!), and then on our final day here – when we’re leaving North Carolina and driving to Washington DC – we’ll go through Raleigh and spend an hour or two there in the morning. (And of course, after that we have a whole week of driving, but it means that in 3 weeks from today we’ll be home! Hooray!)

Wish me luck in getting enough sleep to be pleasant company for our trip to the beach!



by Elise Broach

{ 2008 | Henry Holt and Co. | 304 pgs }

If you enjoyed Chasing Vermeer, this is another book you should definitely check out. Masterpiece is the story of a beetle (yes, the bug) named Marvin who it turns out has a remarkable talent for pen-and-ink drawings, using his two front legs as pens. The drawings are incredibly detailed and, of course, miniature. Marvin lives in the house of a boy named James, whose parents are divorced; his father is an artist, and through a misunderstanding, everyone thinks James has done the drawing. His dad takes him to see a Durer exhibit at an art museum. The story progresses from there, with both Marvin and James getting mixed up in an elaborate art theft plot. Oh, and they learn about Durer. Naturally.

Masterpiece is reminiscent of Chasing Vermeer in many ways, but a main difference is that this story is directed towards a younger audience. That isn’t to say that I, being a somewhat older audience member, didn’t enjoy it – on the contrary, it was an immensely fun way to spend the Bwun’s naptime. When the Bwun woke up he even sat with me while I read aloud to him for about 15 minutes. (That’s a LONG attention span for the Bwun!) Admittedly, the plot is silly – a beetle who draws? And has a family who takes vacations to the greenhouse? – but it’s still a quick, fun, art-inspired read.