My sophomore year of college (which I think, technically, is still going), I took a class called Literature of the American West. At the time I was an English major (for an entire semester), and I figured the class would be more interesting than modern poetry or something. (I’m so, so sorry, but poetry is just not my thing.)

Believe it or not, one of our “texts” was a debut cd from a Utah-based country singer. Our small class (maybe 15 students) divided into groups and each presented a lesson on one of the texts; I remember the group who talked about the country cd started by saying that the #1 theme in country music – and, by extension, western literature – is a sense of loss. You can feel loss for a person or relationship, of course, but the students suggested that much of what we studied communicated a sense of loss for the way things used to be.

That’s how I feel today.

Gone is the Bwun’s adorable two-toothed grin.

Yes: he is finally (finally, finally, finally!) cutting a third tooth. It’s coming in on the top and is about halfway out. Can he eat apples now? And toast and crackers and interesting things? I sure hope so!

In other news, the Bwun has moved on from dogs and is now obsessed with sticks. Video coming soon.