I really didn’t expect to be like this – and in fact, probably told myself specifically that I wouldn’t be like this – but, my baby is utterly adorable. Seriously.

I submit as evidence:

Learning early to use an iPod

Learning early to use an iPod

Sleeping peacefully (with storkbites)

Sleeping peacefully (with storkbites)

Still sleeping peacefully

Still sleeping peacefully

And last but not least, the Bwun’s very admirable attempt to crawl today:

The Sea of Trolls

by Nancy Farmertrolls

This was on a list entitled something like “Fantasy books every 6th-grader should read.” It was one of the few I hadn’t read (as a 6th-grader or otherwise), and one of the books on my list that was available at the library. Thanks to the Bwun’s voracious appetite, I was able to start reading Saturday and finish today.

The first 100 pages were miserably predictable and therefore boring. But I kept reading, because if I got through The Eye of the World, I’m convinced that I can finish almost anything. Eventually the story did becoming intriguing, although I disliked the protagonist and his twelve-year-old mind. Annoying.

The ending was sappy and bleh, despite a plot twist I ought to have picked up on and missed. I have no intention of reading the sequel (or the third book, if there is one). But at least I can cross it off my list!

Now 5% complete with my 2009 goal of reading 100 books.

Krondor the Betrayal

by Raymond E. Feistkrondor

After finishing The Dangerous Book for Boys, the only English book left in our house that I hadn’t read was Krondor the Betrayal. When the Romgi and I were in high school, he let me borrow the Riftwar Saga; this book is part of the Riftwar Legacy. According to both the Romgi and Wikipedia, it was written after Feist helped create the computer game of the same name. So, yes, this book is based on a game.

I confess that the story was thoroughly tedious for the first hundred pages or so. I didn’t want to read the book at all, but I had to read something. And I noticed for the first time that while Feist tends to have very interesting plots, his writing could use a little help. The more I read, in fact, the more I became convinced that he’s actually a rather mediocre author.

But, finally, I got to a point in the book where I was involved in the story, and actually felt like continuing on.

Now that it’s been about two months since I finished reading, I have no idea what the book was about. So I’m going to rate this one as altogether meh.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

by Con Igguden & Hal Iggudendangerous

This was actually one of my Christmas presents to the Romgi. We’ve skimmed through it before but I thought with the Bwun coming it would be handy to have our own copy.

The book makes me wish I’d had a more adventurous childhood, or that I’d known the Romgi when we were kids and I could have explored the creek with him. It’s a great instruction manual and guide for being an awesome little boy, so I have great hopes of the Bwun growing up well. Maybe we’ll even end up back east for a few years and he can roam around the countryside at our summer home (ha!).

Definitely recommended; if you don’t have boys, try The Daring Book for Girls.

Nickname #2

The Bwun is very good at looking suspiciously at everyone and everything. I told the Romgi that I think the Bwun must be a secret agent or something, because he always seems so wary.  We mentioned this to our neighbors recently, and as we were talking, the Romgi came up with a new nickname for the Bwun.




What a week it’s been. I’ve decided that I may quite possibly have the best life ever.

Did you hear about this? Click here to read the Romgi’s blog post with details of the Bwun’s birth and another exciting announcement. A hint what it’s about:


Aside from that, we’ve been getting used to the Bwun and parenting in general. It’s difficult – as many of you know – but very, very fabulous. We tried to get a decent picture of the Bwun while he was awake…

He looks kind of bug-eyed...

He looks kind of bug-eyed...

But he's just so cute!

But he's just so cute!

Then the Romgi wanted to take a picture of the Bwun and me both zonked out. I swore up and down that the Bwun wouldn’t sleep in our room, but here he is in our bed. He wakes up if he realizes that no one is holding him. Sad!

Yes, I'm using a turtle pillow.

Yes, I'm using a turtle pillow.

So, we’ve decided to keep the Bwun for good. Life is fabulous!