Messy Mistake

The weather has been a lot nicer over the past few days – no snow, which is great, and the sun’s been out quite a bit even if the temperature is still much too low. Today I decided to take advantage of the melting snow to clean the steps going down to our apartment. We never swept during fall, so leaves collected, got rained on, were buried under snow and ice…I thought it would be nice to have tidy, clean steps.

Once I finished sweeping and throwing away all the leaves, I thought, Our doormat is yucky. It’s soaking wet and quite dirty from all the abuse it’s endured over the past seven months. I should wash it.

To some of you, this is an obviously stupid idea. To me, however, it seemed like washing a bathmat. I had no clue that this would happen:



How do I clean that?

How do I fix that?

So I guess Monday I’ll be cleaning the washer, and buying a new doormat.


3 Comments on “Messy Mistake”

  1. Katie says:

    I TOTALLY hate it when that kind of thing happens!!!! I also hate it when a kleenex sneaks into the washer…that also creates a mess! Good luck washing the washer…!

  2. KHL says:

    Maybe it would help to fill and flush the washer. I’d hate to think that a lot of debris is cogging it or the pipe. (Because I am well aware of what happens when the pipe gets clogged and you try to drain the washer!)

  3. jessica says:

    oh my goodness! i’ve done that before!

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