In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of odd.

To me, songs are very linked to colors. A while ago (like 3 years) I decided to make several compilations of songs that I felt were roughly the same color. Yes, I know it sounds strange.

May I present: marigold.

1 Matchbox 20 – Shamemarigold
2 Norah Jones – Carnival Town
3 Enya – Smaointe
4 Jim Brickman – Sweet Dreams
5 Kenny Chesney – Anything But Mine
6 Foo Fighters – Aurora
7 Hans Zimmer, from Gladiator – Now We Are Free
8 Barenaked Ladies – Light Up My Room
9 Joao Gilberto – La Chica de Ipanema
10 Enya – Afer Ventus
11 The Cranberries – Dreams
12 The Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love
13 Sting – Fields of Gold
14 The Beatles – In My Life
15 Amos Lee – Colors
16 Stroke 9 – Tail of the Sun

Obviously (ha ha ha) this is imperfect – Dreams and How Deep is Your Love are both more blue-green-teal than marigold, so they really don’t belong here at all; In My Life is totally white; Colors is hard to categorize, for obvious reasons; and Tail of the Sun is a bit more orangey-red than marigold. But I’m happy with it for now.

What have you learned about me and my taste in music from this?

Oh yes. I’m quite odd.