A lesson in physics

Some of you may have completed a physics class in high school. I did. It was sophomore year, with Mr. Mitchell. I can’t remember if the Romgi and I had that class together or not – I think physics was 2nd period, and we had world civ together 3rd period, so whether or not we were both in Mr. Mitchell’s physics class, I can pretty much guarantee that I spent most of class writing notes to the Romgi. Which means I may not have paid a lot of attention to the material.

Those of you who actually learned something may recall that temperature does funny things to objects. In particular, leaving liquids in the freezer can sometimes have unexpected results.

For instance, take a look at this regular bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider:


Now see the curious things that happen when you ask your husband to put a similar bottle into the freezer because you want to have some, chilled, in about 10 minutes, but you get distracted first by Super Mario Galaxy and then by yet another complete breakdown, and don’t remember there is Martinelli’s in the freezer until late the following morning:



There goes my refreshing treat…sorry about the mess, the Romgi, I’ll clean it up rl good!


6 Comments on “A lesson in physics”

  1. Romgi says:

    Sad! I did double check that you wanted it in the freezer, though… :)

  2. KHL says:

    The story was marvelously enhanced by the “after” picture. Bravo for making the rest of us feel pretty normal!

  3. Romgi says:

    I like how everybody can see what exactly we keep in the freezer. I wonder if people are thinking “they eat that??”

  4. roni says:

    I thought about blurring out the other foods, but 1. there are several packages of vegetables clearly in view, 2. we’re sort of still in the “poor college student” phase which I think makes the pizzas ok, and 3. blurring them out would have been extra work – when we’ve already firmly established that I am too lazy.

    So, world, welcome to our freezer…we have tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge…honestly…

  5. 666 says:

    Not only did the liquid expand as it froze, the gas also condensed. Too bad the gas condensation didn’t compensate for the liquid expansion.

  6. gclaytonlewis says:

    Hey, that looks a lot like my freezer. Minus the frozen bottle. And minus the vegetables.

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