February 28, 2009

According to the ultrasound man, we can expect this at 7am that day:

Hooray! A blue square!!

Update: since we can’t really put a baby boy into that adorable pink heart skull onesie, here’s my new choice.

And runner up:

Which do YOU like better? (And don’t say neither – seriously, they’re BOTH so great, right?)


17 Comments on “February 28, 2009”

  1. Romgi says:

    so exciting!

  2. The Ultrasound Man says:

    Funny, I immediately thought of the Ray Bradbury story, “Tomorrow’s Child,” in which the baby is born as a blue pyramid—in another dimension.

    And oh boy, are you in for a treat! When our first boy was born, I told my wife that she should be prepared for at least one broken arm before age 5. David developed quickly, and broke his arm at age 3-and-a-half. Of course, my wife thinks it’s somehow my fault for predicting it, but I just calls ’em as I sees ’em.

  3. An Ancient Mayan says:

    You should probably use one of these for calculating the actual date and time. It would be at least as accurate as any guess the ultrasound man comes up with.

  4. Romgi says:

    I like them both, but I think the bottom one is cuter.

  5. roni says:

    I guess that means we get both, since I like the top one better! Sweet!!

  6. Rachel says:

    you’re having a boy!!!! :) yay~!

  7. The Top One says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  8. roni says:

    So far it’s 2-1 on the onesies…the Romgi, you’d better tell your friends to add their votes or you’re going to lose!

  9. The Bottom One says:

    Pick the top one! Pick the top one!

  10. KHL says:

    I like the ‘runner up’ one. It’s cute and the top one reminded me (who knows why) of a WW2 veteran . . .

  11. Bethany says:

    Hooray A BOY!! Boys are fun. We should know…we have two. I hope we get a girl someday. I’m not a huge fan of skulls but since I have to pick I pick the bottom. What is on the bottom one anyway? What is the skull covering up?

  12. Julia says:

    I likes the bottom one. I find it more whimsical, although the top would be cool with like a bandana on the baby… and maybe an eye patch! Or baby chaps!!!

  13. Kendy says:

    I like the top one. It just looks much better designed. Any name ideas yet?

  14. KHL says:

    Funny how The Ultrasound Man, An Ancient Mayan, The Top One, and The Bottom One all seem to have the same icon. You’d almost think it was the same bloomin’ person!

  15. N. Cog Neato says:

    There are other explanations for this supposed similarity.

  16. roni says:

    The Romgi and Ben & Krista have seen my Doppelganger on BYU campus. I’m glad I never did! I hear you die if you see your own Doppelganger…

  17. Son of a... says:

    My dad was a botanist, and always affectionately referred to us kids in botanical terms. For example, he frequently said my brother was a “budding genious” and always called me a “bloomin’ idiot.”

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