Cookie Jar #6

A long time ago (read: when the Romgi was in Korea – the first time), I really, really wanted cookies. But I didn’t have any. I also didn’t have a cookie jar, which would have been cool because then I could have bought cookies and put them in the jar for double awesomeness.

Instead I decided to make a list of things that I was glad for, or that made me happy like cookies would have. Ideally I would’ve written each thing on a separate scrap of paper and put it into a jar, but I just made a list in my handy red notebook.

Then it evolved into jotting down a couple things I wanted at that immediate moment – mocha almond fudge ice cream, for example, or tickets to a particular concert.

So here are some things that I excessively like and would buy, given the resources. And yes, I know some of them are ridiculous.


15 Comments on “Cookie Jar #6”

  1. jessica says:

    okay. that lobster costume is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen on earth.

  2. The Store Which Must Not Be Named says:

    That pink onesie reminded me of a funny one I saw at Wal-Mart: a pink onesie that said, “No, I am not a boy!” Used to was I wouldn’t have thought it that funny, but since so many people have asked “what’s his name?” about our infant girls, it actually made me laugh.

  3. Romgi says:

    I like that mobile. I like it rl good.

  4. roni says:

    Krista has a good story about when Anna was a baby, and they were at the BYU Bookstore or something, and the guy at the cash register said (about Anna), “Why does he have a bow in his hair?” to which Krista replied, “It’s so people know she’s a girl.” The guy still didn’t understand.

    What fun I have to look forward to, either way!

    If I end up having twins, would it be WRONG to dress one up as the lobster and one as a stick of butter?

  5. A stick of butter says:

    No. It would not be wrong.

  6. Kendy says:

    This is the hardest I have laughed in quite a while. Definitely go with the pink onesie. And no, it would not be wrong to do the lobster and butter thing.

  7. Julia says:

    Krista’s story makes me laugh. How would you choose which child would be butter and which would be the lobster?

  8. roni says:

    Julia – easy: flip a coin. Heads is lobster, tails is butter!

    I’m afraid my husband is not so amused by the stick-of-butter costume…maybe if I can get someone to do a sketch. Anyone?

  9. The American Dream says:

    What if your post makes us want to run out and buy some of the same things (using our credit cards, of course)? How are we supposed to do our Great American Duty if you don’t provide purchase links?

  10. roni says:

    Well sheesh, I don’t want to be unpatriotic. All the images now link to the product page.

    Happy now?

  11. In Debt Up To My Eyeballs, But Keeping The Economy Rolling says:

    Yes. Thank you.

  12. Rachel says:

    BABY stuff is so much fun to look at when you’re prego for the first time. Have fun getting ready for the baby!
    PS: I love see’s candy too!

  13. Yo No Sé[e's] says:

    You can’t get See’s candy on the Western Slope of Colorado.

    For Father’s Day, my wife had a box of it air-shipped to our house, and it came in a special “cooler” box with dry ice packs to make sure it didn’t melt in transit! (Ain’t she the best?)

  14. Sara says:

    I see nothing on that page that is ridiculous.

    Maybe the baby can be the lobster, his daddy can be the stick of butter, and you wear a giant bib.

    And this is my new mantra: “Being able to wear that super great maternity shirt is *not* a good enough reason to have another baby…”–repeated as many times as necessary.

  15. KHL says:

    I looked at the bird dishes you linked to. It was much better with the captions to tell what was what. I liked the cake stand and egg holder best.

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