The End of an Era

I recently learned that Mother’s Cookies abruptly went out of business. Really abruptly – apparently they told their employees a few Fridays ago that production would be stopped as of the following Monday. Good luck finding a new job, right?

Maybe you don’t understand how tragic this is. Mother’s Cookies makes (well, made) those delicious bags of Cookie Parade, which really are the reason the Bwun is here today. Eating six bags in a month will certainly pack on a few pounds.

So let’s have a moment of silence, and sorrow, for the upcoming loss of such beloved cookies.

Although maybe they’ll go on sale now that they’ll be removed from store shelves before too long…time to stock up!


4 Comments on “The End of an Era”

  1. Julia says:

    WHat?! I love Mother’s Cookies!! WHen I was a kid we stopped at a gas station and there was a truck there. My sister, my cousin and I were all in the car and dared eachother to go ask the truck guy for cookies. I don’t remember which one of us went, but we got the cookies! So besides being good little cookies, I always savor that I got them for free once… sad. We should have a going away party for Mother’s cookies!! And we should do it before I manage to spend all of my paycheck…

  2. KHL says:

    Iced animal crackers, those ice cream wafer cookies–they’re part of our DNA aren’t they? (I think they also were the ones who made the coconut cookies that I ate when I had the flu really bad in elementary school. I’ve hated them ever since!) But apart from the coconut ones, they’re just so basic. Can we really live without them? I have to wonder if the company even tried to sell to anyone who could keep it going. Surely there’s a philanthropist out there who would make that kind of sacrifice for his/her country!

  3. Sara says:

    Man, I leave the country for one measly year and *everything* goes to pot! I’m not sure I want to come back to an America that doesn’t have iced animal cookies.

  4. Don't Shoot the Messenger says:

    Lately every time I go into a store I either buy a bag of these cookies or at least walk down the aisle to see if anyone is looking at them. Then I tell the cashier and anyone in line (if I’m buying) or the people in the cookie aisle (if I’m just looking) that Mother’s went out of business. The shock, the horror, the weepy reminiscing, have all become predictable reactions — good times!

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