I’m not joking, I really think I might have the best life EVER.

For the last two weeks I’ve been desperately craving sushi…like I must have it, I need it badly. Yesterday for lunch the Romgi took me to get sushi at Demae downtown! I’m not into the raw fish thing, so I had teriyaki chicken rolls and hana rolls (avocado and shrimp tempura). A-ma-zing. Absolutely delicious. It was exactly what I wanted, so perfectly shaped into little circles of joy. And even though we got it to go, Demae still gave me the plastic grass you get on your plate! (Ok, it’s not a big deal, I know, and probably a waste of plastic; still, it was nice to be appreciated or whatever.)

Thanks husband!!

P.S. The only problem now: I want more. So if you ever need to buy me a treat…!