Fifty billion pages

Alright friends, the whole premise of my blog (which, by the way, is a made-up premise; I had a blog long before I had a to-read list with 50,000 pages on it) is that I’m reading books and telling you about them. Except, quite honestly, the last book I read was in March. For me, that is a very. Long. Time. to go without reading anything new.

So I need your help. I’m not too keen on going to the public library to pick up a book, since I’m pretty sure I have some fines due; what I need is for you to recommend a book that I can find at a used bookstore for fairly cheap. Extra requirements: I don’t have the mental energy for a non-fiction book right now, and I need something that’s at least 250 pages. Anything shorter than that will probably go too quickly.

Ready…set…recommend a book!




I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with what I thought was a crick in my neck. I tried twisting my head all sorts of ways to get rid of it, but eventually gave up and went back to sleep.

This morning, though, I discovered it had gotten much worse, and my best guess now is some sort of a pinched nerve. I can hardly move my head at all without experiencing shooting pain down the right side of my neck, and I definitely can’t look to the right. In fact, at the moment, I’m walking around with my slightly tilted to the left. Maybe not slightly. It is getting a bit pronounced. I’ve tried straightening several times – only to be met with agonizing (or, perhaps, just highly uncomfortable) pain. So here I am. Lopsided Roni.

My world looks like this.
My world looks like this. But a little less blurry.

How was your weekend?