Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

It’s true, I made it through almost 20 years of my reading life without picking up Fahrenheit 451. But at least I’ve read it now, right? And I actually loved it.

Like Speak, it was a book that I knew would be a favorite before I was even halfway through. I think I only made it a few pages in before I realized that this was good writing, and that I’d want to read it again. After I finished, I found out that Bradbury did not write this book about censorship (although you could certainly interpret it that way) — he said that he was thinking of how television decreases interest in reading books. The same could be said of the internet, the Romgi adds.

Now I just need to buy my own copy so I can digest it slowly.

The bonus: now I know how to spell Fahrenheit.


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