The Ultimate Disappointment

You know something is important when both the Romgi and I write a blog about it.

Little Caesar’s is known for having a $5 Hot-n-Ready pizza. You’re right if you expect that this is a pizza just barely worth the $5. Besides the fact that it’s sitting under a heat lamp, the cheese has a slightly strange coloring to it and the crust isn’t much to speak of. But, for $5, you can’t really expect much.

Or can you? Utah has a great chain called 5Buck Pizza, and yes, they are known for having a medium super-premium (eh?) pizza for five bucks, all toppings free. And they make it fresh when you order, take only 15 minutes to have it ready, and can cook a pretty decent pizza. We immediately switched to 5Buck Pizza for all our I-don’t-want-to-cook-and-don’t-feel-like-fast-food needs.

No Expiration!But then. With the price of corn going up (ethanol), it costs more to feed cows (they get corn), so milk — and therefore cheese — is getting more expensive. That meant that this past summer 5Buck Pizza changed their menu. A medium pizza was $5 with one topping, and $6 with unlimited toppings. Still, not a bad deal. But then. They changed their prices again…medium one-topping was $6, medium super-premium (I guess they mean unlimited toppings) was $7, and large was $9. Honestly, we were ok with paying $7 for what we thought was a good pizza. And every time we bought a pizza it came with a coupon for a large super-premium for $7. Why get a medium when you can get the large for the same price? Sounds like good reasoning to me.

We actually have bought a $7 large pizza in the past month. I think it was when we got our car back from the shop and could finally leave the house again. It came with another coupon, which I stuck on the fridge. As far as we were aware, all was well and good in the world of 5Buck Pizza.

BUT THEN. I called tonight to order and told them I had a coupon for a large for $7. The guy on the phone told me to wait a minute. I could hear him turn to his coworkers and ask if they still accept that coupon; they said to ask if it had an expiration date. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t, and it never has. I told him that, and he let me know that those coupons are no longer valid, as they started using new coupons about five weeks ago.

Since it’s their company and their coupons, I suppose technically they can stop accepting whatever coupons they want whenever they want. But it seems underhanded, seeing as we got that coupon within the last five weeks. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t place and order and I don’t think we’ll be using 5Buck Pizza from now on.

What a disappointment.


2 Comments on “The Ultimate Disappointment”

  1. Bethany says:

    Well thats rude! I agree with you about the “it’s their company, their coupons…” thing but they should have told you it would only be good for so long when they gave it to you, since they KNEW they’d be switching coupons….Oh well. Jason and I would buy Costco’s take and bake pizzas. It was about 16 inches, had everything on it and only cost $8.99. However, we did need the Costco membership — no, we didn’t get it just for the pizza….although, it would have paid itself off pretty quickly.

  2. Cheese Pizza Only says:

    You should also check laws in your state. Some states have laws that if you don’t put an expiration date on coupons or gift certificates, you have to accept them. Some states even say, “gift certificates never expire, even if you put an expiration date on them!” California says that, for example.

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