He won’t hold still!

That tickles…a lot…

This is the only time he was still long enough to get a shot of his face. What should we name him? Vote now!


3 Comments on “Anonymous”

  1. 'Sposita says:

    He’s such a darling! Mom’s torn between “Twinkle” and “Palomino” (Pal for short). The ‘Sita Bonita thinks his name should be “Monkey.” Bryan wants “Nemo” (in homage to the submarine shape on his back). the Dude has decided on “Tickles.” And I’ve realized I don’t name pets very well. I’m going to suggest, “Valentino” (Val for short) for obvious reasons. =)

  2. Katie says:

    I think you should name him skunk. He has that stripe down his back that reminds me of a skunk. Yeah, I suck at naming pets. Secretly that’s why I never had any, not because my mom and i were allergic or anything…

  3. Katie says:

    Okay, i thought of another one. You could name it Frances (like “Bread and Jam for Frances”, “A Birthday For Frances). She’s a skunk isn’t she?? My Dad used to read me those books when I was a small tyke.

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