A Matter of Pride

Consumer reports put out their list of the top ten cars for 2008. Of the top ten cars 7 were Japanese cars, 1 was American, and 2 were Korean!The Hyundai (which by the way is pronounced hyun-day, not hun-die) cars to win the honor are the Elantra and the Santa Fe. It is a big step for Korean automakers. It wasn’t too long ago that they weren’t exactly known for their build quality in the US.


And so it goes

I hope you’ve all seen The Little Mermaid, because this will pretty much be meaningless if you haven’t.

One of Ariel’s friends is a rambunctious seagull named Scuttle. My favorite part of the movie is right before Sebastian & Co. start singing “Kiss the Girl.” Scuttle recognizes that the situation calls for a little mood music…and begins warbling, garbling, and screeching his way through what can’t really be considered a song of any sort. It really isn’t even music. Anyway, you should watch it again, because it’s a great part. Eric says that someone should put the bird out of its misery. Haha.

Ok, so the relevance. If you’ve watched the movie and are familiar with Scuttle’s character, then you should be able to draw some comparisons when I tell you that I’ve named my rat Scuttle. Seriously, he is Scuttle in rat form. I love watching him interact with NIMH, because he’s such a flamboyant attention hog. I’ll upload a video in a few days so you can see. And then, you will agree. (If you don’t agree, please don’t bother telling me.)

Sorry to disappoint those of you who suggested names, but after spending more time with my rat, I came to the inevitable conclusion that his name is Scuttle.