Post-Thanksgiving thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving. But this year was just maybe not the best.

The Romgi and I got caught between two dinner invitations and decided that going to both (or trying to) was worth not offending anyone. Unfortunately, a few things went wrong. First, Dinner #2 got moved ahead two hours, completely throwing off our carefully planned timetable. Second, our car battery was deader than a three-eyed dog, so we needed to be jump started in order to get to Dinner #1. Third, Dinner #1 was an hour late (although tasty). Fourth, we had to go buy a new car battery in order to reach Dinner #2. Luckily we got to Wal-Mart just as the mechanics were about to head home. I feel bad that we made them stay longer, but we were desperate!

By the time we made it to Dinner #2…dinner was long past over. We did get to eat some of what the relatives saved for us, but it just wasn’t quite the same as having one meal, one place to go, one big chance to stuff ourselves.

And, there is no leftover turkey. I almost would rather have a leftover turkey sandwich than the Thanksgiving meal itself.

Fifth, we wanted to try getting some sweet Black Friday deals, and somehow convinced ourselves that going to Best Buy at 10pm (for their opening at 5am) was a good idea. We bundled up really well, and it wasn’t nearly as cold as I anticipated, but altogether I think there were better ways I could have spent the night. Like sleeping. I also decided that Black Friday is a stupid day, and next year I will be fully participating in Buy Nothing Day.

Aside from all that, I am still grateful that we were able to spend time with family, get our car working, eat some good food, and survive the death cold.

One Comment on “Post-Thanksgiving thoughts”

  1. Bethany VH says:

    Sorry you don’t have any leftovers. Bummer! Thats my favorite part too. Hey, snazzy new profile photo.

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