Another Dilemma

Last night as I was having a tasty midnight snack (BLAT), the Romgi was looking up trivia about avocados and other random foods. Somehow he got over to the cashews article at Wikipedia.

Did you know that cashews are actually the seeds of the cashew fruit, and are related to poison ivy? The workers who shell the seeds typically suffer from intense, extremely painful skin rashes. That makes me want to boycott cashews so that the workers won’t get hurt so much. But then I realized that a drop in cashew sales will mean those workers become unemployed, and possibly turn to an even more dangerous job, like making fireworks. And that is not what I want.

What is my best course of action now? Eat cashews, or don’t?

Oh wait…we never buy cashews anyway. I guess I’ll eat some at a friend’s house, then, if it comes up.

Life is Beautiful

The house is a mess, I have a paper due tomorrow that hasn’t been started yet, and my to-do list is growing longer and longer, but life is beautiful.

The Romgi brought me these flowers last night:

Hooray for the 남편! And hooray for good things.