Dumb. No.

The BYU Daily Universe, I think, is widely regarded as containing some of the most ridiculous viewpoints one can find at colleges in the U.S. Today there was a piece by guest writer Whitney Young, a freshman from Kansas. Whitney complains that men and women should not have to pay equal amounts for their dining plan at the Cannon Center — because everyone knows that men eat like pigs, and women need fewer calories.

Without arguing the scientific evidence Whitney uses to back up her claim, I’d like to point out to her that her proposal to add $100 to each male dining plan while subtracting $100 from each female dining plan is nothing short of ludicrous. I think she fails to understand that her money pays for the freedom to eat as much food as she wants at the Cannon Center — or as little. If all she wants for breakfast is “a piece of wheat toast and a bowl of fruit,” maybe she’d be better off buying a toaster and loaf of bread from the Twilight Zone. It seems more like she is failing to take full advantage of what she’s paying for, rather than that her fellow freshmen are eating her money at every meal.

What do you think? Is her suggestion feasible? Practical? Reasonable?