Order of the Phoenix

At work yesterday when it was brought to my attention that the new Harry Potter movie was now in theaters, I looked up showing times online and found that the theater in north Provo still had tickets from 6:15pm on. Of course, by the time we actually made it over there to buy tickets, they were sold out until 10:00pm. Sure, why not?

Unfortunately, although I thought this was the best book-to-movie adaptation since Chamber of Secrets, it is apparently very confusing for someone who has not read the book. Now I have to translate the mental notes I made and put away during the movie – inconsistencies and things I thought were important enough to include (like the two-way mirror, or more of the last scene with Dumbledore and Harry!) – into a good explanation of the book’s plot, and how the movie did or didn’t follow the same plot.

I wish I knew where my copy was…


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