by Cornelia Funke

I got a copy of inkheart a year or two ago, and unintentionally stayed up all night reading it. so I was disappointed when I heard that inkspell was a much less interesting story. however, I’d like to put in my two bits’ worth and say that I’d place inkspell in my top 20 favorite books. (there really isn’t a list like that, but someday I may make one.) I bought it to read the week before we got married, and I’m glad I had such a fantastic book to keep me occupied. it may be that some people think the story is too predictable; the fact that I, who seldom gives a thought to the obvious foreshadowing in novels, was able to figure the story out does lend some credibility to the argument. but I felt that it was altogether so well-written (and, particularly, so well-translated) that it is quite definitely worth reading. as a general rule I shy away from trilogies or series, especially in juvenile literature; I like a book to be self-contained and not force me to hunger after a second, third, fourth book to understand the story as a whole. and I was actually quite surprised to find an obvious opening for a third ink novel as the ending of inkspell. pleased, though, because I very much enjoy cornelia funke’s writing. highly recommended to those who like juvenile fantasy.


One Comment on “Inkspell”

  1. JQ says:

    The Endershadow is just about on par with Enders Game in my book, the rest of the books are enjoyable but not at the same calibre. One of the reasons that may be though, is the venue changes from space back to earth. So its not the same type of thing as the battle school.

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