book request

started reading ender’s shadow before bed last night, and continued steadily throughout the unusually slow workday.

now I remember why my copy of ender’s game has almost completely fallen apart. I’ve never ventured into any of orson scott card’s other series, for the same reason I stick with lloyd alexander’s prydain chronicles – what if the author’s other work is worse? or better? regardless, I’m now accepting recommendations for further orson scott card novels I might enjoy, as well as any random books that sound interesting. for ideas what I’ve read in the past, check out my yearly reading lists.

currently checked out from the provo library: ender’s shadow, crime & punishment, the omnivore’s dilemma, and freakonomics. about 15 books on hold, including dream of reason, the kite runner, the eyre affair, and the invention of hugo cabret.

efforts to help broaden my mind by suggesting books will be duly noted and maybe even appreciated.