fall semester 2007

Sociology 310. Foundations of Social Inquiry. Basic ideas and arguments forming sociological inquiry, including philosophical foundations, philosophy of social science, and development of classical theory.

Sociology 311. Contemporary Sociological Theory. Ideas, critiques, and arguments that form contemporary sociological inquiry.

Biology 100. Principles of Biology. Introductory course for general education students.

Religion C 351. Survey of World Religions and the Restored Gospel. Survey of non-Christian religions in light of the restored gospel.

Korean 101. First-Year Korean 1. Han’qul, the phonetic system, basic grammar and vocabulary, discourse, reading, and culture.


2 Comments on “fall semester 2007”

  1. Bethany VH says:

    That quite a class line up! I’m sure it will be very interesting. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I had no idea who you were at first … silly me!

  2. 'sposita says:

    oo! you’re taking rel 351. i loved that class. but i think it has a slightly different title now. who’s teaching your section?

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