Among my many faults is a gross misuse of my time. I know there are lots of productive things I could be doing, but when I get 10 minutes to myself I’m not likely to spend them scrubbing the bathtub or making a grocery list. Here are a few of the ways I waste my “spare” time:

Solomon’s Boneyard

Yes, this is a game for the iPhone and iPod. That means it’s extremely portable and I can play while I feed jr or wait for class to start. When we were in North Carolina this past summer, I discovered the game Solomon’s Keep, and a few months later Solomon’s Boneyard was released. In SB you are a wizard-in-training who’s sent to stop the evil wizard Solomon; he’s been up to no good raising an army of undead. I particularly enjoy wasting my time on this game because it’s open-ended: the only ending is when you die, and the goal is to put that off as long as possible.


Do you ever wonder where I get all those items for my weekly cookie jar? About half come from Pinterest. Think of it as virtual magazine clippings. Anything you find in the vast expanses of the internet can be pinned onto your boards. I have 12 boards: products I love, DIY projects, mobiles, fun bugs, pretty food, baby & kid, jewelry, great prints, apparel & accessories, kitchen gadgets, greeting cards, and donuts. (Correct. I have an entire board devoted to donuts.) There are so many interesting things to see on Pinterest, but my favorites are always in the food and kids categories.

Google Reader

The other half of my cookie jar items are from blogs I read. I can’t tell you how much I love Google Reader. I subscribe to about 130 blogs, and I’m not willing to go to each site daily to see what’s new. One thing I really love is being able to share or save items – that way I can remember where I saw that great cookie-jar-worthy picture. On any given weekday I’d say there are about 250-300 new posts for me to read. A waste of time? Maybe.

Stamps and cards

I’m not sure why but I still absolutely love designing and carving stamps. It is a little unfortunate that none of them are awe-inspiring or impressive, but I try to remember that I can improve with time. And practice. The owl is definitely my favorite. He does a great job saying what I need him to on a card – I have an idea in mind that I’ll share once I actually get around to doing it. In the meantime, please just imagine that this is a nice little hobby for me. As a sidenote, I’m trying to be better about sending thank you cards. Everyone likes getting mail, right?


For some reason I think of 11th grade as the time when I started to discover what kind of books I liked, and when I started reading constantly. Over Christmas break I read the entire The Dark is Rising series, The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, several David Eddings books, and quite a few of the Shannara books by Terry Brooks. I loved every single book I read during those two weeks. (I also remember eating a LOT of mint m&ms.) In late 2003, when the Romgi was on his mission in South Korea, I decided that I wanted to be friends with him again, and I also began reading the Anne of Green Gables series. No, I don’t recall which of those happened first, but I can tell you that after we’d exchanged a few letters I was reading Anne of Windy Poplars. That may have had some influence on the way I felt when I got another letter from the Romgi (also at Christmastime) and I suddenly realized that I loved him.

…That got off topic there a little bit.

Anyway, after the Anne of Green Gables series, I became an avid reader again. I kept a faithful record of every book I read in 2004 (and every year thereafter – see my recent post on the subject). Every few weeks I add more books to my “to be read” list. I don’t really think that reading is a waste of time at all; I just wanted to show you how I spend my time in ways that maybe aren’t visibly productive. Even though I think there’s a stigma against “bookworms” (am I a bookworm?), it is something I have a passion for, which is why I’m always asking for recommendations. I sure love a good book.


Today I’m supposed to be reading The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis and writing a book review on it. While I know the book will be enjoyable, the fact that I have to read it for a class makes it less alluring right now. Hence the blog post.

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of wasted time you spent reading this!


I found this list I made in 10th grade entitled “Things that make me happy.” (I think it must have been updated around my freshman year of college. But it’s mostly a high school thing.) Please note especially #47.

The list goes on until #642. I cut it off after #200.

You’re welcome in advance.

Not pictured: #166.

(One last note: look at #126. I’m guessing that English was not one of my better grades.)

1. feeling wanted
2. getting (good) attention
3. piggyback rides
4. sales
5. thrift stores
6. 80s cartoons
7. long silly conversations with friends
8. Youth Conference
9. church dances
10. third ward
11. babysitting the Paiges
12. California Chocolate Cream Cake
13. group get-togethers
14. surprise parties (for others)
15. surprise parties (for me)
16. gummi bears
17. good movies
18. getting to sleep in
19. garage sales
20. spur-of-the-moment things with friends
21. people unexpectedly saying the perfect thing
22. Oreo Blizzards
23. free lockets from Waldenbooks
24. having e-mails unexpectedly
25. pretty flowers
26. camping
27. Girls’ Camp
28. campfires
29. smell of sunscreen
30. summer vacation
31. rings
32. tiaras
33. hearing “Buon Giorno, Principessa!”
34. running into friends at the mall
35. inside jokes
36. seminary
37. happiness at home
38. lazy, comfortable summer days
39. church
40. gospel
41. temple trips
42. passing tests/quizzes/etc.
43. understanding things at school
44. finishing all my homework
45. praise from teachers
46. participating in Young Women’s
47. “flirting” with Jarom/“The Big Joke”
48. fitting in but still standing out
49. naps after school
50. Mom’s chocolate chip cookies
51. being teased by Brian and Jarom
52. nieces and nephews
53. kittens (little ones)
54. being invited places
55. compliments
56. fun activities
57. scavenger hunts
58. service projects
59. presents
60. good memories
61. smell of camp
62. looking at stars
63. camping outside in my backyard
64. swimming
65. Disney store
66. Toys R Us
67. cool prizes from dentist/orthodontist
68. stickers
69. cool relaxing breezes
70. sweater season
71. rain
72. thunderstorms
73. being listened to
74. having small things noticed
75. letters
76. reading scriptures
77. being good at Scripture Mastery
78. walking with “the guys” to school
79. having guys do polite things
80. thank-you notes
81. finishing projects on time
82. hearing a good song I haven’t heard in a while
83. postcards online
84. birthdays
85. remembering things with friends
86. New Mexico
87. airplanes
88. airports
89. getting hugs from family at airports
90. people bringing me souvenirs
91. seeing friends after vacation
92. minimum days
93. stuffed animals
94. people saying nice things about me (behind back)
95. getting weird looks at the mall
96. acting crazy
97. being pampered
98. crimped hair
99. watercolors
100. free wrapping paper from B. Dalton
101. Disney movies
102. thinking about someone
103. journals
104. disposeable cameras
105. silly pictures
106. cute couples
107. not caring what others think
108. being trusted with a secret
109. Dr Seuss books
110. coloring
111. having a clean room
112. random acts of kindness
113. mocha ice cream
114. snow
115. not getting sunburned
116. finding a cute swimsuit
117. silly websites
118. doing work Brian, Dad – getting paid!
119. finding eighties cartoon memorabilia
120. finding Disney stuff
121. chocolate milk
122. warm feet
123. painting
124. mixing paint colors
125. thinking about camp
126. doing good on report cards unexpectedly
127. people pronouncing my name right
128. interesting church talks and lessons
129. getting candy in Sunday school
130. funny stories
131. good jokes
132. spending time with friends
133. phone calls when I’m bored
134. stretchy bracelets
135. ballet things
136. cute pajamas
137. finding money in my room
138. reading old letters and notes
139. watermelon-scented stuff
140. hot showers on cold days
141. shaved ice
142. hugs
143. Max’s bagels and smoothies
144. accents
145. laughing like crazy
146. people making me smile
147. camp songs
148. feeling the Spirit
149. finishing a good book
150. having friends comfort me
151. our group
152. windy days/wind
153. feeling silly
154. having true friends
155. standards
156. furry things
157. getting ready for camp
158. driving to camp
159. decorating
160. funny TV shows
161. being pleasantly surprised
162. impressing people
163. gaining respect for people
164. becoming good friends with someone
165. doodling
166. doing cool things to my hair
167. “talking” across a room to Jarom
168. Barbies, My Little Ponies, etc.
169. cheering
170. naming the fourth-levels
171. Testimony Meeting at camp
172. sleeping in my bed after camp
173. shakes
174. caterpillars
175. ladybugs
176. canteloupe
177. kids’ books
178. going to the mall/downtown with no plans
179. Sweet Factory
180. Kaybee Toys
181. soft couches
182. jumping on the bed
183. road trips with friends
184. talking to Bethany
185. going through old photos
186. learning interesting things in school
187. making cupcakes with Katrina
188. my team winning
189. French toast
190. making a mess
191. fingerpainting
192. mud
193. big rain puddles
194. being noticed
195. walking in the rain without an umbrella
196. nice salespeople
197. ice cream from Barb’s
198. people happy to see me/talk to me
199. cloudy warm days
200. thinking happy thoughts

Popular demand

Here are things I think have been fairly well established on my blog.

  1. I like to complain.
  2. I like to read books.
  3. I have expensive taste.
  4. The Romgi is awesome.
  5. My kids are adorable.

I’m not sure you can argue that I talk about much else with any degree of frequency. So my question is, are there other things you want to hear about? Do you care what I learn in my classes, do you want to see more things I would buy with a lot of money, would you like more pictures of the Bwun and jr? More pictures of the Romgi and me? Fewer pictures of me? (I challenge you to find the most recent one I posted on here. It’s probably been a while.) Come on, readers. This blog is about YOU.


No…no. It’s really not. But I do want to interest you in MY life. Tell me what you want to read about!