I’m sitting in a play area and thinking profound thoughts. It’s noisy here, and busy with kids running around (and Evan howling like a werewolf. Or maybe it’s June doing that). Isn’t life always busy? How do you get around that?

I think everyone wants to feel less busy, at one time or another – if not all the time. I know I want to have less clutter in my house, fewer distractions, less time wasted on trivial things and more time enjoying life with my family. But so much gets in the way. I’m not interested in giving up Facebook or blogging, because those keep me connected. At the same time, seeing a continuous stream of updates and busy-ness can be overwhelming. It makes the world seem to move at a frantic pace (which I guess it really does).

So how do I prevent my small corner of the world from moving at a frantic pace? Christian’s death has helped me be able to see what’s essential and truly important in my life, and with a broader perspective, but I still have a lot of trouble paring down to those essential, important pieces. There’s just so much happening. Everything feels hurried and urgent.

I came back on Saturday from a trip to visit my parents in California. It was the first stress-free trip of my adult life. Thank you Zoloft and practiced patience for making it possible – but especially my mom and dad for ten days of no chores, no cooking, no obligations. Plus naps! I feel so much mores relaxed now. And I want to hold onto that relaxed feeling. Do you think that’s achievable? If I limit our tv and internet time, avoid filling our days with outings and activities, try doing everything more slowly – can I get to a place where I don’t feel frantic?

Is it bad to be busy?

What do you think? How do you find quiet in the frantic pace of the world?

P.S. Amish hour has been our best attempt at finding quiet so far. But we haven’t been very good about doing it lately!


One Comment on “Busy”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Unfortunately, life just gets busier the older your kids get. I want life to be less harried and more relaxed, too, but I’m not always good at achieving it. We try not to overschedule our kids (and me, which is often harder), but with homework and friends and Activity Days, piano lessons, church callings, etc. etc. it can get pretty hectic, and we haven’t even hit middle school or high school yet. I’ve learned to better appreciate and carve out time for consistent quiet moments, to really be mindful about them and make the most of them. I appreciate quiet time in the morning before the kids are awake to do my scripture study, alone time in the shower each morning to think and mentally plan out my day, I often eat my lunch after my kids so I can sit quietly with a good book, and early bedtimes save my sanity after a crazy day. Don’t know if any of that helps. It sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight. I also wanted to thank you for how honest you’ve been with this blog. You’ve really touched a lot of people, myself included. I think you’re amazing, Mika.

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