You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I’m halfway done with this pregnancy. About 2 weeks ago it went from little “that might have been the baby moving” flutters that I mostly dismissed to big kicks that you could actually see. (Is that gross? It sounds gross to me, especially when I think of there being a real thing growing inside . . . kinda creepy.) Anyway, despite the increased movement, which I assume mean the baby is getting bigger, I haven’t gained any weight at all. Considering I went above and beyond on weight gain with both Evan and June – hey, perfect excuse to eat lots and lots of donuts – I’m not worried about how things are going this time. Next week I’ll have an ultrasound to answer the big question, do we need to spend countless hours trying to agree on a boy’s name? (I wouldn’t mind having a boy, we just can’t think of a single boy’s name we both like – except Evan.)

Evan asks me often how big Tiny Baby is. It’s finally getting to the point where Evan can’t use one hand to copy my measurement anymore; despite being tiny, Tiny Baby is close to 6 inches long. But it’s a lot of fun having Evan be old enough to understand a lot more about what’s going on. How June will handle a younger sibling, I don’t know . . . but she’ll be a lot closer to 3 years old by then (Evan wasn’t even 2 when June was born), so I can hope, right?

And yes, I’ve already started planning baby announcements.


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