Hooray February! January always seems so long, monotonous, and cold. It’s been a struggle, but we made it through!

A few days ago it briefly warmed up. The snow melted enough that I could see some of our lawn. This was followed by approximately a foot of snow over the course of two days. Added to the snow that was left from before…everything was covered. Jarom is really consistent about clearing the walk and driveway before he leaves for work (right now he carpools so that I still have a car), but it snowed so much after he left on Wednesday that I had a lot of shoveling to do when I wanted to go up to campus. It was the first out-of-the-house thing I’d done in quite a while, so of course it was snowing desperately. Of course the kids had misplaced their snow boots and ended up with canvas shoes. Of course they jumped in every huge pile of slush we encountered on our long walk around BYU.

Fortunately we also had things to go do yesterday, when the weather was in the high 30s. I never would have fathomed that this could feel warm, but I skipped a coat and just wore a cardigan. The snow was melting, the driveway cleared itself, it was sunny and pleasant (if not beautiful. Utah in partly-melted snow is truly ugly). I figured this meant that as soon as we’d enjoyed a day or two of tempting sunshine, another foot or snow would fall.

But it looks like we just get warm (well . . . relatively warm) days for almost a week! February is definitely better than January, if you ask me.

What’s the weather like where you are? What do you consider “cold” and “warm” temperatures?


4 Comments on “Warmer”

  1. It’s 46 in Cupertino right now. I feel cold and have been using the weather as an excuse not to exercise. But our flower bulbs are sprouted!

  2. reneecgirl says:

    Clearly Florida is a whole different animal. It was in the 40’s a couple nights in a row, but still high 60s-70s during the day. Our downstairs heater kicked on yesterday and I freaked out because it was a sound I had never heard before. My bell pepper and jalapeno plants just started making more peppers. My tomatoes didn’t survive the ‘cold’ though. Interestingly the hibiscus outside has been blooing for a year straight now.

    • Mika says:

      When I took the dog outside early this morning it was windy but warm. I actually couldn’t believe how warm it felt. I checked the temperature when I got back inside…36. Yep. Warm.

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