In our basement apartment, we had this cool Ikea wardrobe for the kids’ room. Jarom’s grandma got it for us when June was born, and it was perfect for keeping clothes organized. We had a small dresser in the closet for stuff-that-doesn’t-fit-yet.


I’m shocked to find that I miss this little room.

Our house has built-in wardrobes in every bedroom, so the kids didn’t need the Ikea thing anymore. I knew I wanted to set up a desk in my bedroom for a work area, so I decided to use the Ikea wardrobe as a supply cupboard. After I got everything unpacked it was nicely organized. Guess how long that lasted? Actually, I did reorganize the cupboard a few times as I added new supplies. But eventually it ended up looking like this:


This morning I decided to tidy my supplies. There were plenty of things I never use, or seldom do; I’d sorted through the box of pens, markers, and pencils before we moved, but in the past 7 months a lot of the pens have stopped working. They got tossed, as did the plethora of highlighters. We had about a dozen each of yellow, pink, and orange. I think Jarom got a lot of free highlighters at law school – but neither of us uses highlighters at home anymore. (Hooray for being done with school!)

I could still use a few containers to really be organized, but at the end of 20 minutes my cupboard now looks like this: