I Am Number Four

by Pittacus Lore | 448 pgs, published 2010numberfour

I started reading this while Jarom was in surgery, having his gallbladder removed. I had to stay calm somehow. It was actually an interesting book, but when I mentioned to Jarom later that I was reading it, he said he’d heard that the movie was terrible. Then I was conflicted – did I feel like the book was bad because the movie was, or did I think the movie adaptation was poorly done, or did I really enjoy the book after all? This is why I avoid reading book reviews, and why it’s ironic that I write them, even if informally. I’m just too easily swayed by outside opinion.

In the end, though, I think I did like the book. The premise is that a distant planet was about to be destroyed, or its people were, or something like that . . . I’ve read a lot of books since August, okay? Anyway, as a protection, the planet sent nine children and nine protectors to Earth, to be trained and eventually return to restart the planet or save it or whatever. The destroyers followed them to Earth, but can only kill the kids in order of their numbers – hence the main character being Number Four. The first three have been killed, which means he could be next. And he hasn’t really learned how to use any of his cool alien powers yet. Yeah, it’s a problem.

There was probably a less-interesting love story in there too, and I’m just guessing, but Number Four, who was supposed to keep all of this alien stuff a secret, ended up telling the girl. And of course she believed him. Because it’s Love. Sigh.

If I ever get around to it, I’d like to read the other books, but if you’re pressed for time – as everyone is – I think there are better books you should read first.

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One Comment on “I Am Number Four”

  1. Julia says:

    The movie had the same basic plot, but was basically one long iPhone commercial.

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