One downside of spending lots of holiday time with extended family is that there are so many opportunities to share germs.

People started getting the stomach flu last Saturday, and Evan threw up Sunday morning – though fortunately he was only sick once and aside from taking a long nap was pretty easy to handle. The bug spread from one relative to the next, though our little family was fortunate in making it through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day unscathed. Jarom went in to work on Thursday to catch up on a few things, but he came home after only a few hours – he’d come down with the bug too! He was definitely out of commission all day yesterday, and stayed home to rest today. I was glad that he felt up for watching the kids while I went to the grocery store, and thrilled when he offered to make dinner for us.

In the middle of dinner, June threw up.

I’m still not sure if she put too much food in her mouth and gagged, or if she had the stomach flu. We washed her off, cleaned up, and by the time she was done with a bath, she was running around like nothing had happened. She and Evan played tigers/pirates/dinosaurs/cavemen for a few hours until I finally put them in bed.

So maybe this is the end of it?

For now I’m hoping that June doesn’t get sick again during the night, and that I manage to avoid coming down with anything. And in the meantime, please forgive this very late post! See you again on Monday?


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