June has hit the magic age where she wants to use the toilet and she’s old enough to learn. I’d love to get her out of diapers, soon – but I have no idea how to potty train her! Any suggestions? Remember that I’m low on energy lately, so if you have a method that requires very little involvement on my part, you’re the winner. (Let me clarify: an effective method.)


2 Comments on “Training”

  1. Steady says:

    That is my problem too! Sammee wants to potty train but it takes too much effort. We are going to try during Christmas break when we do not have to take siblings to a million places. One thing we do is have a little potty seat that goes on the toilet. Other than that it is just catching them at the right time.

    • Mika says:

      We have a seat for on top AND a stand-alone potty, and June loves loves loves her “Once Upon a Potty” book. But she loses interest after about 2 seconds. Sigh…good luck and let me know how it goes!

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