Evan came down with something today – best guess, it’s Hand Foot and Mouth disease; it’s been going around Provo. Sadly, June was already down with a cold and teething, and woke up at 4:45 this morning needing medicine. While I tried to get her calmed down enough to go back to bed, Evan woke up. And stayed up. Jarom was super nice to help Evan out (I was super grouchy and childish) until he (Jarom) had to go to work. I managed to get June to sleep again, and I tried dozing a little bit more, hoping that Evan would realize how tired he was (IT WAS TOO EARLY) and fall asleep on his own. No, he stayed strong until after 11, at which point he started complaining that his mouth hurt. The good thing: he’s old enough to let me look in his mouth with a light and doesn’t panic or throw a fit about it. Anyway, tons of red spots on the roof and back of his mouth. Poor kid. He finally went to sleep about 11:30 and was completely out until 4:30. Then, of course, he was bouncing off the walls.

It’s certainly a cycle with him. Woefully miserable or painfully (for me) energetic. I hope he sleeps ok tonight. We had planned to go to a playgroup tomorrow afternoon, but I suppose that’s out of the question now. When I was helping Evan get into pajamas I noticed spots on his legs. Since he’s my oldest, I’ll probably go to the doctor tomorrow, since I can’t decide between “The doctor will tell me to give him lots of fluids and alternate painkillers, which I’m doing already” and “What if it’s chicken pox? Or he’s dying?”

In the meantime, Evan is getting some much-needed rest.


2 Comments on “Restful”

  1. Deborah says:

    =( Having a miserable, sick kid is the worst. Here’s hoping Evan and June both feel better soon!

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