Can you tell what Evan is trying to say? He gets a little mixed up with the words, but in the end you should hear, “Love you, Lewis grandpa!”


My physical science class has been giving me a headache. The tests are on a curve, mainly because the teacher insists that the average will be about 60% regardless of how he writes the test. I just took the second test over the weekend.

On test #1, I got a 68. Miserable, right? I think so. On the curve it was a B.

On test #2, I got a 74. I actually felt like compared to the first test, 74 was really not too shabby. And guess what? On the curve it was…an A!

Thank you, classmates, for understanding the material even less than I did.

Least helpful visit ever

You probably saw on Facebook that I went to talk to a counselor on campus last week. I was at the end of my rope, feeling overwhelmed with my life and ready to drop out of school. The counselor was a great listener – but I actually went because I needed advice or at least encouragement. Here’s a sample of the suggestions she gave me:

  • Try to take things one day at a time.
  • Try to take things one week at a time.
  • Keep a detailed calendar.
  • Block off sections of time for just school work, just family, etc. (She actually told me to try ignoring the kids for 2 hours every day so I could study.)
  • Talk to an academic counselor.
  • Talk to a stress counselor.
  • Attend a stress management workshop.
  • Just make it to the end of the semester.
  • Do my best.
  • Spend more time relaxing.
  • Have pizza and salad for dinner instead of cooking.
  • Care less about grades.
  • Accept that my grades might be bad this semester.
  • Accept that my life is difficult.
  • Accept that my best might not be enough.
  • Come talk to her again.

It was definitely an experience. I ended up telling her that I had really hoped for some secret trick that would put my life back into balance, and she turned the question around and asked what I thought would be helpful. You know what she didn’t suggest, that I came up with? Asking friends and family for help. I hate to do that because everyone else is crazy-busy too – but we’ll see how it goes. My own suggestion seems to be working a little better than all of hers.

So, I didn’t end up quitting school, but I did miss one of my classes to talk to her. I’m not sure yet if it was worth it!

Edit: I forgot, after I told her I probably needed some help this was her bit of widsom:

  • People will dislike me if they think I’m handling all of this on my own.

Ruggedly handsome

Do you see my hair, Mama? Do you like it? Is it pretty?

– Evan, after putting a piece of lint on his head.

General Conference: Sunday morning

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf conducting

Choir: Lead Us Into Life Eternal

Choir: Guide Us O Thou Great Jehovah

[ prayer ]

Choir: Consider the Lilies

President Henry B. Eyring
baptismal covenants Mosiah 18:9
1. become charitable (mourn with those that mourn)
recent Day of Service throughout Church
Mosiah 2:18 service of fellow beings
Moroni 7:47 charity is the pure love of Christ
as you serve others for God, He lets you feel His love
feelings of charity become part of your very nature
2. be witnesses of God
Book of Mormon will lift, guide, embolden you
parents bring spirit of Book of Mormon into home
teach with increased conviction, bear witness with power
3. endure to keep the commandments
be fully converted
press on after a life of dedicated service
“fixed and controlling determination to keep His commandments”
Moroni 10:32
first step to full conversion is faith
prophets ancient and modern will draw you closer to God
drink deeply and often from pages of Book of Mormon
contains fullness of gospel of Jesus Christ; true and sure witness of Him

Elder Robert D. Hales
why do we have trials even when we try to do God’s will?
examples: Christ, Joseph Smith, pioneers
purpose of life on earth is to grow, develop, and be strengthened through experience
Isaiah 40:31 wait upon the Lord
mortal challenges allow us to see whether we’ll exercise agency to follow Christ
we may not understand why a trial comes
Psalms 30:5 joy cometh in the morning
[ June freaking out about not getting fresh peaches MORE MORE NOW ]
ponder and receive the Holy Ghost to know what we should do
tribulation worketh patience; continue in patience until we are perfected
stand fast, trust the Lord in faith – perfect brightness of hope
understanding is given line upon line
too often we pray for patience but want it right now
“sincere prayer is answered – some time somehow”
[ Evan freaking out about not getting fresh peaches MORE MORE NOW ]
we are more beloved to the Lord than we can possibly imagine
be kind to others, and even kinder to ourselves

Elder Tad R. Collister
Book of Mormon is either of God or the devil (claims to be word of God)
[ June playing peekaboo with a clear yellow Ikea plate ]
either Christ was son of God or not; can’t be just “good moral teacher”
2 Nephi 32:3, Helaman 5:12 – could these come from the devil?
why have Book of Mormon if we already have Bible?
many interpretations lead to many Christian churches
Ephesians 4:5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism
divine law of witnesses – why is second witness needed?
Book of Mormon is confirming, clarifying witness of Bible truths
[ diaper change ]

Choir & congregation: We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

Sister Elaine S. Dalton
how do fathers raise daughters in today’s world?
most important thing: love her mother
will learn from you what to expect from young men
teach her to never settle for less
make a celestial marriage; worthy of greatest efforts and highest priority
manner of happiness = covenant keeping
YW helps understand identity as daughter of God
commit now to live worthy of temple blessings
father’s example is louder than YW teaching
help daughter prepare for and remain worthy for temple
take with you to do baptisms at 12
popular culture tries to demean role as patriarch, father
roles given by divine design
preside over families in love and righteousness
be guardians of virtue – pure thoughts, clean actions, holiness
personal virtue will model moral courage, strength for children
personal purity will give you power
be present in daughter’s life
help her understand value of education
if she is late for a date, go get her
you are not ordinary men – priesthood sets you apart
you are your daughter’s hero
testimony is powerful influence on daughters

M. Russell Ballard
weekly renew baptismal covenant to take Christ’s name upon us
Savior’s name is only name by which we can be saved
full name of Church is important; uphold and teach full name
how can any description be more clear than name of Church?
same church that Jesus established during His mortal ministry
restoration of true and complete church in modern times
Saints are those who seek to make their lives holy by following Christ
name tells us exactly who we are and what we believe
Mosiah 5:12 retain His name written always in your heart
follow Christ by being latter-day disciples
impact of using Church’s full name
only one church in all the world that bears Christ’s name by divine command

Choir: I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

President Thomas S. Monson
changing world in past 84 years
abandonment of traditional ethics in 1960s
world says morality is passe, conscience is for wimps
overriding commandment seems to be “Thou shalt not be found out”
we are responsible for our actions
laws of God remain constant, have not changed, will not change
our code of conduct is definitive – not negotiable
constancy of God is something on which we can rely
joy to lives, peace to souls from following Savior and keeping commandments
[ sibling trouble ]

Choir: I Believe in Christ

[ prayer ]


[ prayer ]