My adorable baby loves to follow her brother around. She can crawl pretty fast, but it seems like jr wants to walk, like the Bwun does. At 10 months, though, jr can’t walk unaided. She doesn’t have very good balance yet and she needs a lot of practice before she’ll be ready to walk on her own.

I had another epiphany recently (I’m on a roll!). As I think about the personal traits I want to change in myself, I tend to become easily discouraged. My perceived biggest weakness, for instance, is that I lack self-discipline. But how on earth am I supposed to develop self-discipline? Here’s what I realized: I can’t suddenly be perfect. Maybe I can’t even expect to suddenly be a little better. It will probably take months of slow practice without any discernible improvement. And – more importantly – I need help!

I expect this is something everyone else knows and I just figured out for the nth time, but put into a new context, I appreciated the epiphany.

Now, who wants to help me be a better person?

Not pictured: walking. Or standing, even.