To begin with, I’m not entirely convinced that we can use “crafty” to mean “proficient at creating crafts.” I still think of it as, you know, sneaky.

That being said, it has been largely appropriated as a term denoting creativity. Which is why I feel like it’s excusable to use it in that sense. I want to show you a few more projects I might do, if I’m ever in a crafty mood.

Honeycomb storage shelves. I don’t think we actually have anywhere to put these, or enough decorative Things to fill the shelves up. But I love love Love hexagons right now.

Recovering a car seat. No, I don’t have a sewing machine. No, I don’t really know anything about sewing.

Suminagashi for kids. Have you ever tried paper marbling? I do remember doing it in my 11th grade art class, but we did an end-paper style – I like the modern shapes here.

Painting with leaves. Um, is it rude if I think I could make a way cooler painting than this?

Birds pillow cover. Technically, this is for sale on Etsy for $55.50. I can probably sew a square pillow cover, and I can definitely cut out some cute little birds and stitch them on. The Romgi is a big fan of this project.

Stamped springerle cookies. (Image 12 of 14) Unfortunately, this requires a bigger oven than I have. Anyone want to make cookies?

Fabric scrap placemats. Truth be told, I have something against placemats. Nothing against colorful geometric patterns, though. But, once again, this project calls for the use of a sewing machine…

Heirloom cut chenille baby blanket. Another sewing project. So clever, though – you put layers of flannel backing, trim between the stitching, and then toss it in the wash. It frays the fabric, making a faux chenille. Imagine all the color combinations and fun fabrics you could use.

Which crafty project would you want to do?


3 Comments on “Crafty”

  1. KHL says:

    I remember doing the paint marbling somewhere. It was fun! Love the leaf painting, and I agree with your assessment–you could do better. Really want some cookie dough now. You actually can quilt by hand. My grandmother did all of her quilts without a sewing machine. I’m not saying that’s a great idea, but it is possible. But I’m bothered by the fact that the placemats don’t match!

  2. Katie H. says:

    I’m a big fan of that bird pillow! I think that would be fun to attempt!

    Remember when we made pajama pants? We were craftier than we realized. :)

  3. Deborah Simonds says:

    Thanks for that first paragraph. I got a great visual of a bunch of Mormon mommies sitting around plotting and scheming take over of the ‘mormon modest clothes’ market. ah, that was fun. Thanks, again. =)
    And those are all really fantastic projects. I wish ‘crafting’ was a talent o’mine but alas not to be anytime soon I think.

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