Well, there goes that

I had this great goal of eating more healthy food and less junk food this year. The healthy food I’m doing ok on. We’ve enjoyed trying some new dishes (among the successes: this Moroccan-style tilapia), and attempting to be better about having fruits and vegetables with our meals. Unfortunately, eating less junk food has not gone so well.

January was ok. My biggest challenge is having all but one class in the same classroom, right next to the vending machine. And most of my classes are over two hours long. I never manage to bring a snack, so I start craving something from the machine. Not good. Then February was our big date to the ballet, and we had delicious cake afterwards at my aunt’s house; the next week was the Bwun’s birthday, so there were a lot of cupcakes. Then we had his party after that…with a giant donut cake. (Yes, I’ll post pictures. Soon.)

My other biggest challenge is that I gave the Romgi an ice cream maker for Christmas, and he makes such good flavors. We always have homemade ice cream in our freezer. After a long day with the kids and school and homework, it’s really nice to sit down and talk with the Romgi while we eat some ice cream. I imagine a dessert made with cream AND half-and-half is probably not very healthy. Oh yeah, and now it’s Girl Scout cookie season. How can you say no to that?

So I decided to limit myself to dessert on the weekends. I decided it on Friday, which was great because it meant I had all weekend to indulge. But today is Monday! That’s not the weekend! I don’t know why the first day of any self-discipline is so tricky.

It might work out if my favorite chocolate company, Amano Artisan Chocolates, didn’t start selling brownies today. They’re up in Orem and I might say today is part of a three-day weekend…?

So much for self-discipline!


3 Comments on “Well, there goes that”

  1. KHL says:

    Hey, was the tilapia recipe supposed to be linked? It sounds interesting.

  2. mika says:

    Oops. Yeah. Fixed it!

  3. Brittany says:

    I decided on Saturday that I needed to take a break from sugar and sweets.. I literally consume candy all day long. This equals a lot of unnecessary calories and lots of $$ spent on my favorite treats.. So right now I’m on day two of my 14 day adventure into no sugar-land. It’s awful.

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