My other kid

You may notice I haven’t said much about the Bwun lately. Mostly it’s because I’m so busy, I don’t get to spend as much time with him – I have to spend time feeding jr, but sadly I’ve been very bad about putting aside time to play with the Bwun and enjoy his interesting company.

This morning I asked if he wanted me to take his picture. The Bwun loves that. Whenever he sees a camera, or hears someone say camera, he runs over and instructs me to let him “mile kurma.” (If you don’t speak Bwunese, I’ll interpet: smile for the camera. Easy.) Today…he was thrilled to mile kurma, until I actually got the camera out. Then he threw a tantrum. Yes, we’re coming up on 2 years next week.

So instead of the Bwun’s cheesy smile, you get this.

He tried hard not to look at the camera.

What else has the Bwun been up to recently? He speaks in 3-5 word sentences and is getting good at correctly using terms like me, I, my, you, yours. Sometimes he gets mixed up; for a while I thought he was saying “Mice did it” until I figured out that he meant “my’s did it.” Aha. Also, he loves books. He enjoys running around the house shouting. Usually this happens right after I get jr to go to sleep. Let’s see…the Bwun has claimed my favorite blanket as his own. It’s a queen-size throw that we got as a wedding gift, and it’s incredibly warm and comfortable. One day the Bwun managed to drag it into his room and now it is The Big Blanket. He likes to bundle up in it and pretend to take a nap. Actually, since he’s in a toddler bed instead of a crib, if he throws a fit when we put him down for the night he often winds up sleeping on the floor, wrapped up in the blanket. I think eventually he gets so exhausted that he doesn’t realize he could just climb into his bed and bring the blanket with him. Oh well.

He’s beginning to remember the places we go, so anytime we get in the car he declares “School,” “Grandpa’s house,” or “Cami-Audrey!” Once in a while he’ll shout that it’s time for nursery (at church), and then he remembers that there’s always a snack in nursery, and then he gets mad that we aren’t really going to church for a snack. It’s hard being (almost) two.

But, I sure love the Bwun. Even when he throws a tantrum about “mile kurma.”


One Comment on “My other kid”

  1. Romgi says:

    The Bwun is so great.
    He wants to be “helper guy.”
    And says, “hold it Ma!”

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