McDonald's Oatmeal

I usually avoid doing fast food reviews because… I expect if you are getting fast food you’re not really concerned about service, quality, or flavor.  I assume that when you get fast food that you are getting it because it is quick and easy.  But today, McDonald’s crossed a line.  I was so disappointed with their new Oatmeal, I had to warn others.

I’ve been hearing about McD’s new oatmeal for quite some time.  It is on billboards, commercials, and posters.  It looks so appetizing.  The fruit, the warm steam rising from the bowl.

It looks so good!

How could I resist?  I thought, “THE STEAM IS MUSIC NOTES SO IT MUST BE AMAZING!”  This morning it was snowing outside and I figured it would be the perfect day to try the oatmeal.  I went to the nearest McD’s and ordered my oatmeal.  This is what greeted me.

Wait a minute...

Watery muck with apples floating on the top. I understand that everybody likes their oatmeal a little bit different.  Some people like it runny, and others like it thick.  I personally was expecting the consistency that is shown in the promotional pictures.  The difference was only made worse when a spoon was involved.

I’m pretty sure not even Oliver Twist would ask for more of that.  While I appreciated the fresh chunks and raisins, the actual oatmeal tasted like it looked- hideous.  That being said, the Bwun loved it.  Don’t get it.  Instead, use the $1.99 to get a box of the generic brand of oatmeal and make it at home.


2 Comments on “McDonald's Oatmeal”

  1. KHL says:

    Wow, that looks truly bad. And either you ordered a smaller size or they’re overcompensating, because the bowl size versus the raisins in their pic is much greater than in your photo. Thanks for the warning–even though I NEVER go to McDonald’s anyway! (And extra points for the Oliver Twist reference!)

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