House of Many Ways

by Diana Wynne Jones

{ 2008 | Greenwillow Books | 416 pgs }

Last year when I was trying to finish up my reading challenge, I got a couple books on the Kindle and wasn’t sure which ones I’d end up using. I decided to count The Familiars for E and J since it was co-authored, which meant I still had House of Many Ways left over. My classes have started out very, very slowly, so I was able to read House of Many Ways this past week.

The book is advertised as being a sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle; I think a more accurate description would be that it takes place in the same universe, and takes some of the major characters (although they are minor characters in House of Many Ways). The story had an odd pace to it. For a long time, it seemed to not be going anywhere, but towards the end it picked up desperately. That being said, it was great for filling my “spare time” (ha).

Our main character is Charmain, a young woman who’s led a sheltered, respectable life. She goes to house-sit for her distant relative(-in-law), a famous wizard. His house has many ways.

You know I’m not likely to give any further summary of a book I liked. House of Many Ways is definitely recommended, even if you haven’t read (or seen) Howl’s Moving Castle.


One Comment on “House of Many Ways”

  1. kendy says:

    Jones has been one of my favorite fantasy authors for years. Not too long ago I bought paperbacks of Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and this book. While the original Howl’s Castle was my favorite, I liked both the others as simple, enjoyable fantasy reads.

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