2010 Year in Review

JANUARY. No car! With the generous help of our parents, we were able to get a replacement within two weeks. My 2010 reading goal: 26 books, with one author for each letter of the alphabet. Plans fell through for my on-campus classes. The Romgi got two internships lined up for the summer: one in Korea (alone) and one in Greensboro, North Carolina (with our whole family). After I thoroughly cleaned our bedroom, the Bwun knocked a can of paint off the nightstand (don’t ask why it was there when I said I’d just cleaned) and when it hit the floor, the lid popped off. Yeah. Giant paint spot on our floor. Still working on that one. Flu + ear infection + percocet = who knows what else happened in January?

FEBRUARY. Two baby showers, a wedding, and lots of sick people in our family. It was every bit as stressful as it sounds. Also: the Bwun turned one! We had a mustache party to celebrate. And my pet rat died. Not to celebrate.

MARCH. Big news – the Bwun started talking! Bigger news – baby on the way! We found out a week before the Romgi’s birthday. I really, really hoped for a girl, partly because we had already used the only boy’s name we agreed on. The Romgi and I went to a law school function called the Barrister’s Ball. He talked me into entering a chili cookoff at the law school; our entry came in last place. Last place. Seriously. Out of five entries. I have vowed to never make chili again.

APRIL. At long last, the Bwun started getting more teeth. His first two came in around Christmas, so it was a long wait until he got more. A long but calm wait. I hate teething! I suppose the Bwun probably does, too. The Romgi booked his flight to Korea. Finals, finals, finals. So glad they weren’t mine. I had a 10-week ultrasound, confirming that I was in fact pregnant, and the doctor told me I was carrying really high. That means a girl, right? And I was lucky enough to not have much (if any) morning sickness. So we made an official announcement, and everyone thought we were crazy. The Bwun made the big leap and walked on his own. He’d been walking for months, but wouldn’t let go of my hand until the end of May.

MAY. Before the Romgi left for Korea, we went out to Communal for our 3rd anniversary. I may not have had morning sickness, but pregnancy certainly affected my taste buds; everything was bland. Then I sadly sent the Romgi off to do his internship in Seoul. May was a miserable month. I tried to stay busy – the Bwun and I started a swimming class together with a friend from our ward, and it was a good distraction. I bought a Snuggie. I read a lot of books. I cleaned our house, sometimes. The Bwun stopped taking naps. The Bwun started being aggressive. We Skyped. By the end of May, I had to get out of Provo, so I went to visit my parents in California. Surprisingly, the Bwun was an angel on the drive.

JUNE. Unlike May, June had a little too much excitement. A visit to Salt Lake just before the Romgi came home resulted in my car being (wrongfully) towed and impounded. I went to the wrong terminal to pick the Romgi up. We had to go to a hearing to get our money back from the car towing mishap. There was about one week of relative calm at our house before an ultrasound, packing, planning, and more planning for our trip to North Carolina. Delightful news: baby girl on the way! We left on our roadtrip at the very end of the month.

JULY. We arrived in North Carolina after a week-long drive. I’ll be honest, I was grouchy and unpleasant for most of July. Here are my reasons: I was sleeping on an air mattress. We didn’t bring many toys or books for the Bwun to play with. I was pregnant. It was hot and humid. There was nowhere to go. I wasn’t familiar with the area. I didn’t know anyone. The Romgi was gone all the time. And above all, I was pregnant. Despite that, I look back fondly on our time in Greensboro. The Romgi thinks I’m crazy for saying it. My favorite thing was going to the beach in Emerald Isle.

AUGUST. Ready to go back to Utah? Yes! Wait…no. We were holed up in a hotel for 3 days in Raleigh while the Romgi and I were sick. Super sick. By the time we were recovered just enough to drive home, we didn’t have money, time, or patience to go through with our planned route through Washington, D.C. and up along I-80; instead we drove straight back from Raleigh to Provo in 38 hours. That’s over 2,000 miles. I stand by my claim that it was the worst part of 2010. Here’s what might be the Romgi’s worst experience from 2010: a toothache so intense that he was seriously considering pulling it out himself. An emergency dentist visit made us fear the Romgi would need a root canal, but fortunately the problem was fixed with a filling. Cheaper! Quicker! Less painful! Then, more school. I applied to start classes again in January 2011. The Romgi started remodeling the Bwun’s room to make way for baby.

SEPTEMBER. We had great family pictures taken. The Romgi and I actually went out on a date! Dinner at Leatherby’s and then a movie in the theater (gasp!) – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Unrelated, I spent a night in the hospital. I had in fact been carrying the baby high (so high that I could wear my regular pants for much of pregnancy to this point), and she suddenly dropped one day, and then I started having bad contractions. Turns out I don’t do well with the stop-the-contractions medicine they give you. Good to know.

OCTOBER. The Romgi’s dad was in a horrendous car accident, but luckily wasn’t injured, although his car was totaled. The Bwun got sick and we took him to the emergency room late one night. Two days later, my friend Devan threw me a donut-themed baby shower. Two days later, the Bwun cut his forehead and we took him to the emergency room again. The next day, I went into labor and jr was born. Busy week! Very busy week! We didn’t do much for Halloween because we were still reeling from having jr a month early.

NOVEMBER. My parents came out to visit for a day (and my mom cleaned my kitchen while I had a nap). Most of the month was spent adjusting to life with two kids. We spent Thanksgiving with Kimberlee and Quentin, which meant we didn’t have to host, cook, or clean up. That’s a good holiday! The Romgi and I instituted Amish Hour at our house. And he made the world’s most delicious pumpkin chocolate cake. Divine. Then my mom came out for a whole week to help me. Mom, can you come back?

DECEMBER. What better way to kick off December than by getting stomach flu? It was absolute misery, and I haven’t been able to eat beef since then (since my last pre-flu meal was steak from Carrabba’s). Everyone in the Romgi’s family had it too, but it hit the Romgi hard – right during finals. He was sick for almost 3 days and had to talk to the dean about getting his finals rescheduled. What a champ for making it through those two weeks of finals, especially with me being so grouchy all the time. (Finals make me stressed.) I can graduate in April 2012, the same time as the Romgi, if I stick to my plan which unfortunately involves doing school full-time this next semester. I finished my reading challenge for the year. We had a fantastic Christmas with the Romgi’s family. I think we’re ready to tackle 2011!

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