2005 Year in Review

JANUARY. My move back to California was official when my dad and I drove my car (full of stuff) from Utah. It was calming to be going home and taking a break from things, but leaving everyone in Provo was hard. Fairfield is not the most exciting place in the world; I worked at MHA on a very boring project for the Oakland School District, read a lot of books, and enjoyed the warmer weather. One Saturday my dad and I went down to the IKEA in Emeryville and got me a futon. O joy of joys! I love it. Kimberlee and Quentin decided they were in love and wanted to get married.

FEBRUARY. Sarah Mansfield got pregnant! A baby! I was offered a better job at work, and started training to take over Lauren’s position as Data Manager. This meant quite a bit of overtime, which meant more money. Saving money is a very good thing. Besides, I didn’t have much to do besides work.

MARCH. My car died. The timing belt broke. Poor Gabe. Mick Sr, ever concerned for his employees’ well-being, asked what I wanted; I didn’t know he was serious when he said I could ask for anything, so I told him I wanted a plane ticket to Utah. He gave me one. Free. I scheduled a trip to visit Ryan the next weekend.

APRIL. Ryan was rehearsing for a performance of Mozart’s Requiem, and hearing the choir practice was amazing. He and I ate at Olive Garden and watched a few movies. Not an adventure-filled vacation, but it was a nice little break from the loneliness of California I’d been feeling at the time. I became much more of a workaholic, and then started getting restless. This time, instead of cutting or dying my hair, I bought a “new” used car. At the end of the month I decided I wanted to move back to Utah come fall semester.

MAY. At work we finally finished a six-month project. It should only have taken one month. There was much rejoicing when we were done. Lauren, Tim, Mick Jr, Daryll and I went down to San Francisco to be interviewed and fingerprinted by the FBI. One of the two Fairfield Stake Patriarchs passed away, so I attended the third funeral of my life.

JUNE. Jarom came home. Things were beautiful.

JULY. We went on our very first date ever. Flying kites was a lot of fun. Harry Potter book 6 came out; it took me about four and a half hours to finish. Jarom kissed me on a breezy Sunday afternoon, and it was perfect. I turned 21 and got a Korean name. Va Yee came home. July was altogether a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable month.

AUGUST. I finally sold my old car! Alex came home, but the next day I drove out to Utah with the Hillerys. During their family reunion I looked after Grandma Hillery’s dog Licorice, and had fun up in Park City. I did feel very included in the festivities, whether or not everyone wanted me to. Back in Provo I moved into the Gustafson house, where I met Jaime and Tom. I also was rehired at my job in Mapleton; seeing the girls again was great. Krista and I started becoming buddies. She still hasn’t gotten me to iron for her.

SEPTEMBER. Jarom broke up with me. I thought I might never stop crying. I bought a fish. Amy had another boy, Alexander James Lewis, born September 10.

OCTOBER. Sarah had her baby! Peter Brandon Mansfield, born October 5. My Aunt Sue passed away, so I went to the funeral in New Mexico. When I came back I came down with the stomach flu, which I (unintentionally) shared with Jarom, Quentin, and all my roommates. Aubrey got engaged. Finally. Ben and Krista threw a really fun Halloween party, and I even got to dress up. They had specially-made Peter Pan costumes with Anna as Tinkerbell. How cute!

NOVEMBER. Ah, the first real snow of the season. Ryan got engaged. Even though I was absolutely thrilled for him, it meant the end of our friendship, so it came with a little sadness mixed into the exuberance. Ben got hired at a company up in Salt Lake, so they started making plans to move up. We all spent Thanksgiving at Grandma Hillery’s. She decided I am a decent person after all! Shopping on Black Friday was a mess, but well worth the chaos. Julia and Jaime bought the coolest Christmas tree ever.

DECEMBER. I threw a bridal shower for Kimberlee, and I think it turned out well despite the stress of planning it alone. She and I went to Aubrey’s bridal shower the next weekend. Provo got lots and lots of snow. Ben and Krista started moving carloads of stuff up to Grandma Hillery’s. I decided to forgo making a Christmas list for my parents, and instead donate to the Church Humanitarian Aid fund. Jarom and I saw the lights at Temple Square and watched Fiddler on the Roof. I got awesome Christmas presents from everyone, which made my holiday magnificent. Crossword puzzles and sudoku became my new obsessions. My broken heart finally mended. Spent New Year’s Eve at the Hillerys’. Happy 2006!

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