Me, me, me! …Updates on my life.

My brain is worn out. You get bullet points instead of a real post today.

  • I started an independent study class this past weekend (Rel C 393R: Latter-Day Saint Temples). I’ve finished 2 of the 7 lessons. I intend to complete the rest of the lessons in the next few weeks and take the final before we’re very far into this next semester, because…
  • …I’ll be doing 3 classes on campus instead of 2 as previously planned. Now I’ve got Soc 311 (Contemporary Sociological Theory), Soc 380 (Deviance and Social Control), and WS 222 (Introduction to Women’s Studies). The first is a required core class for the sociology major and the other two each count as electives for a different sociology requirement. The deviance class sounds like it will be interesting – and we’ll be participating as jurors in the law school’s moot court competition, as well as attending some court sessions in SLC. The women’s studies class just fit into my schedule and is supposed to be fairly easy. And, again, I can’t wait for the theory class. Seriously. I eat that stuff up. Weird?
  • Oh yeah, I’ll be graduating in April 2012 – finally! The Romgi will finish law school at the same time, which is a slightly more impressive accomplishment, but I think that for switching my major 3 or 4 times and having two kids, 10 years to complete a bachelor’s degree is not bad…holy hannah, will it really be 10 years by then?!
  • I came up with an idea for great Christmas cards. But then I decided maybe it wasn’t such a fabulous idea after all. I started making the cards anyway. About halfway through the stamp I made broke (poor planning), so I had to come up with a new idea. (Alternatively, I could have just gone to the store and bought a new linoleum block, but it’s amazing how little I feel like loading both kids up and carting them around in public. So it wasn’t much of an option in my mind.) That means half of you get the first design and half of you get the replacement design. Just tell me you like yours regardless.
  • My perfect baby jr slept almost nonstop until she was a month old. Now she enjoys being awake and screaming from about 1-2:30am. Interesting enough, I do not enjoy being awake at that time – maybe because I don’t get to scream. Sometimes fatigue and frustration get the better of me and I do whimper and pout and a little bit sob until it wakes the Romgi up. Then we both get to suffer. True love!
  • The Bwun is amazing. He’s also a messy guy. Recently he’s started using 3-word sentences, which is probably not a big deal to anyone but the Romgi and I. Pretty cool, though. The Bwun’s most common sentences are “Pa gone school” and “Baby sad eat” (which, if you couldn’t figure them out, mean “Pa is gone at school” and “Baby is sad because she wants to eat,” respectively).
  • Today was a long day. The Bwun didn’t take a nap, and didn’t take a nap, and didn’t take a nap. But he needed one badly. I sent him with the Romgi to get dinner so that he (the Bwun) would fall asleep in the car. It worked – but it also meant he had a very late nap, and is still awake now, when it’s nearly midnight. Good news: he’s not making much of a mess.
  • I finished reading an incredible book last week, The Good Women of China. Normally I don’t read much non-fiction, as a single subject seldom captures my attention long enough to read a whole book on it. This was different. Watch for a review later this week.
  • Now I’m reading one of my Christmas gifts from the Romgi – a collection of Perry Mason stories! The book he got me has The Case of the Sulky Girl, The Case of the Careless Kitten, and The Case of the Fiery Fingers. We’d already watched two of those in season 1 of the tv show, so it’s especially interesting to see how the adaptation differs from the original story.
  • Fun-size Snickers are the best.
  • Life with two kids:

Tears of joy.


5 Comments on “Me, me, me! …Updates on my life.”

  1. jaromgi says:

    Those are tears of joy?
    Unlikely, as they look sad.
    I miss being home.

  2. Jim Lewis says:

    I also question the “tears of joy” caption. I know tears of joy, and that’s not them. But the kids are still cute.

  3. KHL says:

    Did your font size shrink or am I up too late? Liked the good stuff and disliked the other!

  4. Kate says:

    Yay! I’ve missed you in the blog world, but…I’m not one to talk. I look forward to your posts. :)

    Lots of stuff going on for you! I’m so excited that you’ll be graduating in hardly more than a year! ;)

    *Jarom – You’re such a master haiku-er, or haiku-ist. Probably just poet.

    love you guys, and wish I saw more of you! xoxo

  5. Kate says:

    also, I love the new font!! so fancy-dancy! (or is it fancy-dancey?) oh dear.

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