Take deep breaths

I was fuming earlier. I’d say that I have a reasonable temper, and although I do have my occasional rants at the Romgi (all of which I blame on hormones), I don’t think I get angry very often.

But tonight I was livid. Furious. You get the picture.

The problem was that we did not get our pictures. I had scheduled a photographer for yesterday, but two hours before our session she cancelled. She said the weather was turning bad (I suppose she meant the dust we’d had all day), she had a migraine, and her babysitter cancelled. I was put out because the Romgi had already come home early to eat dinner and get ready. But we rescheduled for tonight.

I checked my email moments before leaving, just in case she had written – nothing. So I jotted down her phone number and we took off for American Fork.

The place she’d chosen was really fun. It was the Harrington School, a 1903 Victorian Romanesque building that has been abandoned and fallen into disarray. It was exactly what I wanted.

Unfortunately, after half an hour, the photographer still wasn’t there. I tried calling…wrong number. I double-checked what I had written down. I was dialing correctly, but it definitely wasn’t her number. We gave up and got in the car to go home. At that point Krista went above and beyond in looking up the photographer’s number; all I got was a voicemail, and I didn’t trust myself to leave a nice message.

So, two hours of preparation, driving, and waiting down the drain, I begged for ice cream. The place we went had wireless, and I checked my email again, this time receiving a message (from half an hour before our session) saying that the photographer’s babysitter cancelled again, could we reschedule?

Gaaa. This is so frustrating! I very politely declined to reschedule. I understand that unexpected things happen, but after all the time we wasted… I chose this photographer because I liked her work and she was a third the cost of many other photographers in the area. I guess we’ll just have to save up until we can afford somebody more reliable.

I’ve calmed down now, but boy, was I angry!


6 Comments on “Take deep breaths”

  1. KHL says:

    You have every right to be angry. You wasted the time and expense and emotion on the project that you won’t recover. She was simply unprofessional. It wouldn’t take many episodes like yours to ruin her business. But then, maybe she doesn’t care.

  2. Katrina says:

    Poor Mikachu. I am sorry that she was so flaky. Hopefully when you get a new photographer everything will be perfect. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your beautiful family.

  3. KHL says:

    And can I just say that getting un-flaky photographers seems to be harder than it should be? Another example: your wedding photographer. It was ridiculous that we practically had to threaten him to get the pics finished.

  4. mikaroni says:

    I think I might not have been QUITE so upset (but…probably I would have) if a similar thing hadn’t happened to Krista with the same photographer! The photographer offered to do a free session with Krista’s twins, to build a newborn portfolio, but cancelled a session and then never got in touch about rescheduling. I spent a few hours looking for a new one, and getting recommendations…I think I have one, but I’m still peeved!

    Of course, there’s always the possibility that I’ll just take pictures of the Romgi and the Bwun myself. At least I already know how flaky I am!

  5. romgi says:

    this is the problem with dealing with these “artsy fartsy” folk

  6. Katie says:

    So you can always ask my Dad to do it. He did our family pictures this year. Of course, it would take some prodding to get them back…but he does a pretty good job. Just a thought…

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