Just Average

Before becoming parents, the Romgi and I discussed at length the alarming trend to label children as geniuses for hitting developmental milestones early or for showing some talent in any given sphere. Surely you’re familiar with the Lake Wobegon effect (all the children are above average). We didn’t want to go into parenthood by taking for granted that our children would be exceptional. Of course we knew they’d all be unique and dear to us, but we tried to prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that in most aspects, they might be just average (or even below – but, given how amazing the Romgi and I are, that’s less of a possibility, right?).

Now, having said that, I want to tell you two things the Bwun did this week that nicely balance him out to being average.

First is the genius part. The Bwun really likes the song “The Ants Go Marching,” so I’ve worked out a bouncing rhythm for it – ups and downs on hurrah hurrah, that sort of thing. A few days ago as we were bouncing along, I noticed that the Bwun would give me a huge smile at the same parts in each verse: right as I said “one by one” or “five by five,” which happened to be just before I’d jump him up for hurrah hurrah. What a clever boy, right? Remembering how the song goes and how he gets bounced? Yes, I know. He’s a genius. (Hm.)

And the not-so-genius part…the following day, the Bwun was playing on hus tummy, spit out his pacifier, and gave himself a hickey on his arm.

Thank you, dear Bwun, for tempering my inclination to write a post solely about how clever I think you are.