Very Different Worries

So, there is something I have noticed. Roni and I worry about very different things happening to the bwun. I think I have an example that perfectly illustrates the difference.

The night after the bwun was born, Roni and I both had dreams about the bwun where something went wrong. I’ll only go through my dream here, but if Roni wants, she can leave her dream in the comments (I don’t think I’d do her dream justice by me telling it). Here it is:

It is the day after the bwun was born, and it is still morning. Some of my family members are over to visit; they have come to see the bwun. Mika calls for the nurse, and asks that they bring the baby in from the nursery.

Everybody is really excited to see him for the first time. When the bring him in, the bwun is no longer the bwun. Somehow, he has turned into an iguana, diaper and all.

picture not related

The problem is that I am the only one who seems to have noticed! Everybody else is just going off about how cute he is, and how he looks just like us.

Finally I say something, “Guys, something is wrong here! He’s turned into an iguana!” Everybody just looks at me all crazy, like they are thinking “of course he looks like an iguana.” Then Roni scoops him up and coos in a high pitched baby voice, “but isn’t he the cutest little iguana ever?”

Crazy, right? I woke up just after that. I guess you could say that I worry about things that aren’t really possible.


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