I Like These Things

You could say they’re my favorites. And I could say they’re awesome.

We’d both be right.

Restaurant: Shadowbrook. The Romgi and I frequently refer to that heavenly time when we’ll be able to afford to go back.

Drink: milk. Pretty much the only craving I’ve had is for cold, cold milk. I go through about 1/3 to 1/2 a gallon every day. (Does that sound about right, the Romgi?)

Holiday: I’m going to make my own holiday. It will be called “Not Pregnant Day” and I’ll celebrate by eating a bunch of chocolate and spicy food without having any heartburn.

Car: I actually loved my 91 Dodge Shadow…why did it have to blow up?

Place I’ve been: Pajaro Dunes. The Romgi and I were part of Academic Decathlon in high school, and as a team went on a trip to Pajaro Dunes in December of senior year. (The boys and girls stayed in separate condos.) We went back (just the two of us, I mean) for our honeymoon.

Thing to do on a warm summer day: explore the Oakbrook creek in Cordelia.

Thing to do on a rainy afternoon: cuddle up in a blanket, have hot chocolate, and watch Runaway Bride (I used to watch it on rainy afternoons in high school).

Thing to do when it’s snowing: stay inside being grateful I’m not driving, light some candles, cuddle up in a blanket, have hot chocolate with madeleines, and read a Tony Hillerman novel or Taran Wanderer.

Movie: Stranger Than Fiction. As you know, we saw this right after the Romgi proposed. Good times. Rl good times.

Song: “The Background” by Third Eye Blind.

TV Show: LOST. I sincerely hope I’m not in labor during any of the episodes this upcoming season. The Bwun will have some answering to do if he makes me miss one. (Not really. They put them online the next day.)

Flower: tulips. Hands down.

Comfort food: tie between dolsot bibimbap, a rice dish served in a sizzling hot stone bowl with lots of veggies, meat, and a fried egg, or samgyeopsal, a bacon-like meat grilled with garlic and eaten with a spicy red paste and rice. Yes, these are both Korean dishes. For some reason, my comfort food is Korean. Kind of cool, though.

Animal: the coolest animal in the world is by far the pangolin. Unfortunately, I don’t have one, but I do enjoy our two rats. They’re uber cute.

Way to relax: this is actually a joke, because I don’t know how to relax. Honestly. Ask the Romgi how many times I’ve said, “I’m tired…how do you sleep?” He’ll tell me to relax, which is kind of pointless, since, as I just said, I really don’t know how. But aside from that, when I feel the need to chill, I play a game or two of Set. Or I organize something.

Time of year: right now! This year is a little different, but usually, there’s a lot of “It’s almost Christmas/the semester is almost over” mood everywhere. We don’t ever go to campus anymore, and not many of the people we interact with are still in school, so I didn’t realize until a few days ago that we’re nearing the end of yet another semester. Huh. My favorite thing about December is having Christmas lights up. I dug up a string of multicolored lights from our closet and hung them in our living room all by myself. They glow so nicely!

Thing about Christmas: aside from the meaning of Christmas, what I look forward to more than presents (yes – I mean it) is my mom’s crescent rolls. Some of you may think this is overreacting. Some of you may even think the rolls are overrated. WRONG. These rolls are pretty much my reason for living. (Except, you know, the Romgi and the Bwun and good things like that.) Best. Breakfast. Ever. Also best snacks ever, insofar as they last past breakfast.

Fruit: clementines. Another reason I love this time of year. I got 3lb bags for $3 this week.

Vegetable: I’m not extraordinarily fond of vegetables, but I do like carrots – cooked in a particular way. I’m not exactly sure what that way is, which sadly means I can’t make them, but they used to happen magically when my mom made potatoes and carrots in her electric skillet thing. The carrots got kind of black-ish and they were superb. Hey Mom, how do you make those?

Jelly Belly flavor: this is an important thing to know. You should always know what your favorite Jelly Belly flavor is in case one of your hometown friends or relatives offers to buy you some. Mine is pink grapefruit, although a close second is chocolate pudding.

Dinner to cook: beef stroganoff. I haven’t managed to ruin it yet, so it’s nicely associated with tasty meals and leftovers.

Smell: I don’t like smells anymore. They are all too strong.

Color: through careful scientific study I’ve come to the conclusion that the most relaxing color in the world is a pale green, approximate to hex value DBFFB7.

Restaurant I can go to more often than Shadowbrook: Bombay House in Provo. Seriously, Indian food is fantastic, and I’ve never left Bombay House without feeling elated, full, and content. Plus I always have leftovers.

Thing I’ve done recently: become friends with our neighbors. They’re much cooler than we are, but they still like hanging out with us!

If you can think of more categories of which you’d like to hear my favorite, leave a comment and I’ll add your item to the list.


5 Comments on “I Like These Things”

  1. Kendy says:

    When I come to visit in March, you won’t be pregnant anymore. Should I bring some of both kinds of fav jelly beans?

  2. KHL says:

    First, how is Kendy going to get Jelly Bellys to bring to you when she’s coming from Oregon??

    Okay, the carrots were much easier with that electric skillet kind of thing that died many years ago. But here’s what I’ve tried that has been successful at least once: either cut up carrots into sticks or use baby carrots. Microwave them until at least half-cooked, tossing them frquently. (I put them in a big plastic bowl.) After they’re partially cooked, melt a bunch of real butter (1/4 cup?)* in a frying pan that has a lid. Add the carrots and then keep cooking them over med to low heat with the lid on. Toss/turn them every so often using a spatula until they’re black-ish. Obviously, you have to have enough butter. If you add potatoes also, they don’t need to be turned.

    * if you have fat or juice from a roast that’s great to add for part of the butter!

    I sent my crescent roll recipe to the Cookoff people once. I never heard from them. The biggest worry I had was that they say that they get the rights to the recipe even if you aren’t chosen . . .

    I was surprised about your color choice. I thought it had too much yellow in it to be relaxing. I think the paler green in our bathroom is more relaxing but it’s kind of dull, too. I tried a bunch of hexes to find the color I like but never was quite satisfied with the results.

  3. roni says:

    I think I’ll be ok without Jelly Beans. Kendy, you should make crescent rolls when you come! (Just kidding.)

    Like I said, the color was approximate. I used to have a paint sample that was the right color. Ironically, it was called Celery or something. Bleh.

    I’m glad I can try making the carrots without having an oven or electric skillet! I just bought a bag of carrots…maybe I’ll slice them up and see if I can follow your directions.

  4. KHL says:

    Well, good luck with the carrots! It may take trying it a few times to get all of the parts right. I haven’t done it often, so I can’t tell you anything more accurate. Let me know how it goes.

  5. Drum Roll says:

    “The Wife For Whom I Have Not Yet Invented a Blogosphere Pseudonym” just got home from Evil Wal-Mart with all the ingredients: we’re having Mom’s Crescent Rolls on Christmas morning! You are invited.

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