It Is On the Way

I have had the money saved up to buy the iPod touch for a couple of months now. I could have gone out and purchased the 8GB iPod touch right then, but I wanted to wait. I know that Apple updates their iPod lineup every year in September. I figured I had been saving up for 9 months, and I could wait a few more months until the newest version comes out.

The new version of the iPod touch looks great, and as a couple of added features that I was really looking forward to. I think that the wait was worth it! My brand new 16GB iPod touch (thank goodness for the price drops!) will be arriving on Monday!


A New Job

My time at the law school has ended. When I was hired full time, it was with the understanding that the job would only last until the end of August. I started my search for a new place of employment at the beginning of August. The trouble in being in a college town with a lot of college grads, is that you have college grads doing jobs that high-school grads are doing in other places. It really doesn’t give you much of a leap ahead as far as job hunting goes.

That being said, I wasn’t exactly able to find the greatest job in the world. I’m working in a customer care center for a security system company. There are a lot of interesting people working there, and despite the occasional call that I wish I didn’t get, I think that I will enjoy my time working at the company.
Except for one thing. Some of my coworkers love to talk politics. I hate politics. It is the number one reason that I stopped studying it. Also, I’m just not wild about any of the candidates. I see equally compelling reasons for NOT voting for any of them. Here is my quick rundown.
1. McCain
Reason to vote – Years of experience in politics.
Reason to not vote – Years of experience in dirty politics. I just don’t like him.
VP Palin
Reason to vote – ?
Reason to not vote – I think it is silly for republicans to say that Obama has no real political experience, and then pick Palin. She has only been mayor of a small town in Alaska (even the “big” cities there are small), and then governor of Alaska for less than two years.
2. Obama
Reason to vote – Very convincing speaker, and charismatic.
Reason to not vote – Feel-goodery doesn’t mean you can run a country
VP Biden
Reason to vote – ???
Reason to not vote -I think is is silly for democrats to say that McCain is an old white guy who is out of touch with America, and then to pick an old white guy that nobody has ever heard of.
So there you go. Who do you guys think will make a better President? better VP? I don’t even know if I will be voting this election because I don’t think that an election should come down to who I dislike the least.