Another Tragedy

Here are some cool things that happened:

– I met a cool guy.
– We got married. (Please insert a┬ábig time lapse between those two.)
– People thought we were both cool, so they gave us cool presents.
– My husband’s aunt Louise gave us an incredibly amazing pewter fish platter (see below).
– We moved across town. (Another time lapse between those two.)

The fish platter:

You see how completely awesome that is, right? And that it’s a great gift and something you would always want to keep? Yeah, me too.

Some less cool things that happened:

– I managed to leave an entire cupboard full of mixing bowls, bakingware, and the fish platter at the old apartment.
– It took us almost 4 months to finally get ahold of the new tenants.
– By which time they had donated the fish platter.
– I found out that the beautiful platter is excessively out of our price range and we cannot, at the moment, afford a replacement.

Today I will attempt (although with little hope) to do a cool thing by finding our old fish platter at the Provo DI.

To give you some perspective of the level of tragedy here, I feel about as guilty for losing the platter as I do for indirectly murdering our lizards (see December. That still haunts me, by the way).