And So It Ends

Well folks, the unthinkable has happened. Since my last correspondence with club live, I had been patiently waiting for an email confirmation that my zune had shipped; I never received such an email.

Apparently, that did not deter Live Search Club from sending it out anyways. My parents were confused when a package arrived for me a few days ago. They sent it home with Besta, and Besta tried to get a hold of me.

Sadly, I was at a LSAT prep class when they called. Happily, Roni was able to get the message. When I came home from my class, Roni said that Besta wanted us to go to their place. She did not allude as to the reason. I was very surprised, relieved, and happy to discover a package shipped from Live Search Club!

After nearly 8 months of waiting, I was finally able to get the zune. And my verdict? I’ve decided to keep it. Despite being made by microsoft, it is actually a pretty cool little mp3 player. I really like that they allowed me to update to the latest firmware without having to pay. I don’t have a very big music collection, and so 30 GB is more than enough space to store pretty much all of my music. I guess it wasn’t a scam after all!


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